Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday August 31

Well dayam i have missed my journal...ive had no internet access! My phone line is full of static...and i cant make calls on it its so bad...and the internet doesnt im cut off from the world!!! lol i was glad to come to work today just so i could check my emails etc.

I heard back from the tennis coach - $50 for 30 minutes!!! like wtf thats ridiculous!!! I have been talking to a girl on pink sofa....and she reckons i should just post in the classifieds there to see if any one is interested in playing tennis on a regular basis. So i mite do that. She said she would be interested. So yes...i have been talking to someone. The girl I mentioned last week (for those who saw the post before i deleted it) while she is nice and obviously interested...i cant see that going anywhere. The other girl I have been talking too i seem to click with and i like her lifestyle...shes fit and healthy...does things like kayaking and camping in her free time...plays in a blues band...and in all honesty i'd like to be with someone active...that said she is skinny and im sure she would meet me and think .... shes too fat!

I have taken a new for those not on my facebook here it is...

Admittedly my arms are in front of my hips and thighs so i think i look a lil smaller in that area then i really am.

Saturday fiona killed me. She had me running again,,,,more then ever lol...i was exhaused. So the tally for my exercise last week (and lets remember i was sick) i exercised for 3 hours 10 minutes and 42 seconds, i burnt 2041 calories over 3 sessions. Thats pretty good if you ask me. On saturday i said to not doing that abs class again lol she wiggled her finger at me and said yes u are soon as your schedule allows for it...seeing the class is at 5pm and i finish work at 3pm i guess my schedule allows for it today eh? So begrudgingly i will go do it today...followed by 30 minutes on the bike and my PT session of boxing. Tomorrow there is a 30 minute swiss ball class which I can make so i may try that.

Yesterday didnt do a hell of a lot...cept read some of my new book and watch foxtel was a very lazy day.

Okies off I go...enjoy all

Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday August 28

Well me and Jaimee are still debating whether to go to the quiz nite or not. Jaimee said she cant be fuked...but wants to catch up with me so we may duck out for a bite to eat instead. I kinda hope we dont go cos i'd like to get a walk in tonite. But we will wait and see. Well that plan may not happen as showers are set to come in - just for something bloody new ! eck

I have unbelievably sent a email off about taking tennis lessons! They are held in a street or two away from just waiting to hear about costs etc...of course id have to buy a tennis raquet as well - everything costs ! lol

Mite be going to see beyonce too ! Gonna go with ryan and fun!

Okies off I go enjoy all

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thursday August 27

Well im feeling much better today. My neck is no longer sore and back to work for me tomorrow ! Tomorrow nite i finish at 4pm me n jaimee are debating going to a quiz nite...if we dont go...ill go for a walk tomorrow nite. Saturday morning ive got gym and saturday afternoon i am going to buy some new plants. Last weekend i was in myers book section...they have the most awesome biography section so will go buy a book or two on saturday. Next week is a crazy week too...i have thursday n friday off...thursday i have gym, podiatrist appointment, and 2 hour dentist appointment *phew* hopefully the decision on the orthotics is made and also my front teeth are havin work on them...

Well short post...have a good nite all

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


omg i am truly stunned right at the moment! Remember a few posts ago i mentioned i had a penpal i had wrote to for over 10 years ago from Sweden who i lost contact with and i had managed to track down a email address that might be hers?? IT WAS!!!! ahahhaha omg we are both stunned! She said she is so glad to hear from me so that makes two of us! This has truly put a big smile on my face - enjoy ur nite all =]

Wednesday August 26

Why is it we believe we have to live up to everyone elses expectations? I have been in a miserable mood today. Yesterday in the afternoon my stomach muscles started aching (to the point of a deep breath kills :() then the right side of my neck started hurting so i figured id done some of the exercises wrong and used my neck the wrong way. Anyway slept awful last nite...woke this morning...sent a txt to my nerd boi saying dont pick me up and then rang my boss. Anyway as the day has gone on i have felt more and more miserable. Why when i do a class do i have to end up with a injury...why everytime i start something new do i hurt myself....why after a year at a gym can i not cope with the fitness classes...why after a year at the gym am i not further along in my journey (and i mean fitness wise and weight wise) My plan has always been to EVENTUALLY take tennis lessons and possibly play netball again and i am still so far away from these things. Pisses me off and frustrates the heck out of me to be honest. So why do i have this need to feel i MUST do classes or im not really working out? Anyway so this arvo i go to the docs expecting him to say ive strained a neck muscle and back to work tomorrow...turns out my lymph nodes are swollen and not going back to work till friday. There are so many expectations that because others do it for some reason i feel i have to do them as well...whether its relationships...level of exercise...speed of weight loss...why can i not just go at my own pace...anyway in my mood today...i pulled out the "wellness program" paper work...and really identified a couple of additional challenges that "could" prevent me from getting where i want to be. The good thing has been that normally when i am sick i eat carby foods...and this afternoon whilst in a chitty mood and walking past the deli TWICE to get to the docs i certainly considered going and getting a pie...but so glad i walked straight past and despite the chitty mood ive been in today my eating has been perfect....tonite i am making pasta with chicken, spinach, semi dried tomatoes in light evaporated milk...yum yum

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday August 25

Well it feels like lots has happened the last few days...once i start writing ill discover if that is true or not lol

Went to the gym last nite and when i walked in they handed me a pamphlett...turns out the gym is moving. We are moving firther down the mall and the new setup sounds fab! They are gonna have 3 x group fitness rooms including a mind & body studio (not really sure what this means lol) and express 30 minute classes, cardio room including new tv touch screen treadmills, enormous strenth training room including more equipment, express area (im guessing thats a curves type setup), specialized personal training area, larger change rooms with 14 showers, members lounge with internet hub! How cool does that all sound? They are renovating at the moment and we will be moving there late september or early october...its super exciting if you ask me!

Years ago all thru my 20's i had a penpal from Sweden we wrote to each other for over 10 years but we eventually lost track. Anyway i searched her on facebook the other day and her name was camilla bought up someone whose name was camilla and who has people on their friends list whose name ends in i decided to give it a try...sent her a message...turns out it was the wrong person...but this girl did some research for me ! My friend was a teacher and she found me a email for who is quite likely my old pen pal so later today i am gonna email the email address and see if it is her or not!

Last nite at the gym as promised i did the abs class - where i died! omg it was a killer...i was thinking to myself wtf am i doing in here? lol Then i did 30 minutes on the bike and 30 minutes of boxing with fiona. By the end my heart rate monitor said id burnt 894 calories over the 90 minutes and did say during boxing that my heart rate got to 106% fiona says thats fine as long as i am not nauseas or feeling faint which im not...just feel tired as crap (all that bloody running she has me do lately) Foodwise yesterday was perfect too -struts- today im going to the gym again...gonna do 20 minutes on the treadmill...10 minutes on the bike...20 minutes on the damn cross trainer and then 10 on the bike...i was contemplating the body step class instead but i dont think i could handle it.

I am trying to talk jaimee into joining the gym...dunno if its working too good !

Gawd i just got up from my desk took a deep breath and nearly keeled over with pain in my stomach hahahahhaha guess that abs class did something ! okies off i go petals !

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday August 23

omg i so wanted to go to the gym today ! i am loving that i am missing it again on days im not going. The 12 week biggest loser comp at work starts tomorrow and im DETERMINED to end up in the top 2 amongst the love to win the whole thing...but im not that unrealistic. Anyway as part of the wellness thing we been working on ive been coming up with strategies, so the plan is:

* stick to the plan
* exercise minimum 60 minutes 4 times per week
* spend 60 minutes a week using the wii
* Not saying no to ANY social events invites i get (unless not doable cos of work)

so the big initial way in is tomorrow. Tomorrow i have gym...planning to do a 30 minute amazing abs class followed by 30 minutes on the bike (will take it easy on that) then 30 minutes of boxing.

Leigh and me were texting today...and apart from the fact she was calling me babe....she actually suggested we go out for dinner idea what it means but im game ! lol Theres also another girl in pink sofa...a mutual friend suggested she message she has been messaging me and today mentioned the possibility of us meeting...that ones a lil more complicated tho so we will see what happens!

Ok off i go...enjoy ur sunday nite and have a good week

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saturday August 22

Firstly in response to a comment (and i love ALL of ur comments - keep em coming! ;)) the reason i dont take my str8 friends out to the lesbian a few is i prolly used the description gay bars incorrectly...i generally dont go to them but i do like to go to lesbian events. And the thing with them is they are 99% friends (most except for maybe jaimee) are pretty i dont truly know how they would cope with the lesbian events...the dances etc cos there is a lot of kissing and close dancing etc. The other thing is i would worry about them enjoying themselves...and also i have a few groups of friends in the lesbian community but not really a best friend or anything...who i could just ring and say....hey lets go to the dance friday nite...but cos i do know a few groups of people i do have a habit of not sitting still...and flitting between different groups...and i wouldnt do that if i am going to worry about my friends. If that makes sense....people are prolly thinking well just go then...but i am the type i like to have someone to go walk in with...cos u never know the time i go by myself will be the time i wont know anyone there ! lol

Okies i have a hilarious story to share! Now everyone knows im gay...but back in my late teens/early 20's i was trying to live the life everyone expected of me...and did have some involvements with a couple of guys...ones name was luke...the other was ray. Now i knew ray since i was about 15 we use to go to legacy camps together...and we were mates...but then we started to get friendly....and things got intimate...yes he has shared my bed etc anyway he was the last guy i slept with (hahahah havent told the poor buggar that dont want to destroy his ego!) but anyway for the last 15 or so years...we havent had contact...anyway we found each other on facebook...which is fine...but...anyway yesterday i typed something on my facebook about being a dyke...which confused the HELL out of hahhahaha for everyones enjoyment here is the conversation that ensued! lol

ray : You have aroused my curiosity! Tell me more!
me: hahahaha nothing too exciting except im not straight...came out as a lesbian about 6 years ago
ray: Did I really have such a bad influence on you so many years ago?
me: lol ive known i liked girls since i was about 10....but yanno its not the "done" i tried to do what everyone expected of my late teens i knew i was at least bi...i was just a late bloomer...didnt really acknowledge it to myself till my late 20's
ray: I guess one more for old times sake is out of the question?
me: hahahahaha nope ! lol
ray: What! "Nope" its not out of the question or "Nope" its deffinitely not happening?
me: LOL...definitely out of the question lol
ray: Aw! Your'e no fun!

hahhhaha okies SERIOUSLY you gotta give the boi points for trying ! lol

Worked some more on the wellness plan between calls at work yesterday lol and its really helping to zoom into my focus...especially when im thinking about questions like "how donyou vision your wellness will look like" - "what strategies are you going to put in place to achieve this" - of course the hard questions are the things like what are your strengths that will help you achieve this and what are the challenges that will be in your way?

I tell u people...i got people all around me who've been at hospitals lately...nerd boi ryan (one of my bestest friends) had a ultrasound early this week and they found a tumour in his liver...after cat scans we thankfully found out its benign....tania goes into hospital for some surgery on tuesday (best of luck with it tania altho i KNOW you will be fine!) and then my friend max messaged me this morning saying she is going in for exploratory surgery in 3 weeks time. They do say things come in 3's dont they? no one else get bloody sick thanks ! lol

Today will be a semi busy day when i finally get my ass out of bed....i am contemplating it lol i am off to the gym for a PT session and am gonna start doing cardio after my sessions after chatting to fiona about 12.30 PT followed by 15 minutes on that bloody xtrainer and 15 on the bike...then off to do my grocery shopping and then hopefully off to the garden store to replenish my edible garden.

Last nite i was talking on facebook to a friend of mine laura (we went to school together and catch up relatively regularly) and she was coming up with my strengths lol...theh suddenly she said to me "there is also a new lightness to you, you know when the grey cloud shifts. Almost like you have unpeeled yourself and I see you NOW the same way I saw you when we hung around 20 yrs ago" now thats a pretty damn nice compliment....for those who dont know...i hibernated away for a number of years about 9 or so years ago....and lost contact in that time with pretty much the life i have today is a far cry from that to me thats a pretty damn awesome compliment

Okies off i go ! enjoy ur saturday all

Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday August 21

Went to the gym last nite...didnt work out we did more work on the "wellness" more session and that will be completed. I have more home work lol now coming up with answers to things like what is your vision for your new "wellness" lifestyle, what are your strengths, and what are the obstacles...all questions that sound too bloody hard ! lol Me and fiona talked a lil about how i wanna do classes more and utilise the gym more...she thinks i shouldnt just throw myself into it all...more come up with a plan to build up the classes.

So looking forward to the weekend altho i dont have much planned! Mite try and go see "my sisters keeper" at some point, tomorrow i have a gym session in the morning, i wanna go to the garden store and replenish and redo my "edible garden" and im still pondering going swimming tonite ! i told the boys at work about the swimming and they said yeh we can see u doing the dog paddle with floaties on your arms AND legs lmfao bunch of friggin dorks i work with! If i get the guts ill go swimming (knowing me i wont get the guts tho lol) not much else planned...i have lost contact with a lot of my lesbian friends and i think i have to make more of a effort there. After the drama with me and felicity which was who i mainly use to go out and about with...havent gone out with her since well a hell of a long time and leigh talk etc but it kinda feels wrong to me for us to go out...robyn...well after piking out so often we havent talked nearly as i kinda feel like i need to make the effort again...not that im complaining...i have a lovely mob of straight friends...but obviously i wanna go to gay bars and stuff at times which is a lil hard by yourself lol okies well enuff moaning from me ! off to do more work

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thursday August 20

Woke up at 3am this morning bloody coughing and spluttering. The last few weeks i have been getting sore throats and coughing a bit etc but develops into pretty sure its hayfever but gawd damn pain in the ass. Got up to get dressed today...was gonna wear the exs old tshirt today picked it up and it has another hole...this time in the front ! lol I really cant wear it any this weekend will rewash it and pack it away in my "ang box"

Have the gym tonite but doing the wellness program i been enjoying the workout sessions so much lately i have been putting this off. But will do it tonite then leave it for another couple of weeks. Fiona just texted me and she can see me at 5pm YAY which means i can do the session and then get my shopping done and not waste my weekend up the bloody shops! I wanna go see my sisters keeper so as saturday afternoon should now be free mite go see that then.

Oh i did something big last nite ! I did 5 pushups on my toes! hah! im a rockstar! im so awesome lol

Not much else going on but it is friday tomorrowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww YAY

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday August 19

Well the 12 week challenge at work starts on monday. This week i have been pretty good altho not fanatical about my food...that said i have dropped 2.2 kilos since thursday. My main focus is going to be the gym. I am gonna of course eat well but i really wanna start getting into the classes more. Monday depending what time my session with fiona turns out to be i am planning to do either a RPM class or a amazing abs class before my session with fiona. I wish there was a simple test you can do like a fitness test or something and from that would be capable of doing this, this and this class. I'd like to do body combat, body jam and body step but i have no idea if i can cope with them. My biggest issue is always with cardio...weights i can handle pretty heavy weights and my stomach muscles seem to be improving but i get paranoid about going into a class and simply not coping in a cardio sense. I know i can do the different exercises etc its putting them altogether and keeping up without having a cardiac arrest and collapsing in a heap on the floor (wouldnt be a good look lol) and i know if i did do a heap of classes i would feel so much better as long as i can cope with the class and not feel like the local idiot.

Last nite when i got my tax done lol took all of 10 minutes...quickest $100 that guy ever made...i am getting back $504 and seeing the dentist is $676 after i take works voucher into account i only have to come up with like $160 which works good for me!

Not much else happening...apart from bloody debating these exercise classes ... have a good day all

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tuesday August 18

Well zoomed off to the gym last nite...and DID kick ass! I burnt 801 calories in one hour! lol gawd damn how awesome am i? And modest to boot too ! lol. So i turned up to the gym...did 15 minutes on the cross trainer...and then partly died LOL 15 minutes on the bike (altho i went relatively easy on that) then 30 minutes of boxing. My heart rate kept going up over 90% and fiona was like...ur gonna blow up hahahahah it felt really good to do a full hour of real solid activity and know i busted my butt. I was soooooooooooo tired last nite and asleep by 8.45pm...didnt even watch good news week and i love that show.

The scales have gone down at home just over 2 kilos since thursday and these size 24 pants are becoming HUGE i seriously have to buy a belt this week !

Tonite i am going to do my tax return...gotta get that in quick smart so it can pay for the dentist appointment on the 3rd, i prolly wont have it back in time but the dentist okayed that and said i can pay for it soon as i get my cheque back (i am expecting at least 550.00 back) Not much else going off to do work as per usual...enjoy all

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday August 16

Funny how things go in cycles. Maybe it was the warm weather yesterday. But suddenly over the last week or so im starting to love the gym again. As much as i said "your mean" and "your horrible" to fiona yesterday lol i am busting to get back and do the program again (altho i prolly wont do it till saturday), but im excited about going tomorrow nite knowing im gonna do some boxing. And i am loving that i am getting excited about it all again. In the past few days the scales have dropped about 1.5 kilos, my snacks (which is always a killer for me) have been much better...had ryvitas and low fat cream cheese a bit...they arent overly tasty but they are filling.

Today i have not done a hell of a lot...a few loads of washing, and a lot of foxtel watching lol. Have been watching all my crime stuff i recorded during the week and also watched a few episodes of birds of a feather (omg i love that show!)

I think i need to do a new image for this sick of looking at that one up there ^^^^ but i need some new photos....otherwise it wont be too creative...the other thing i am thinking is soon as the teeth are done im gonna go get some decent photos taken...i'd love some cool black & white photo shots (i have a huge addiction for black & white images love love love them!) The other thing i have been thinking about too is going for my licence...something ive put off for 50 million years.

Oh i picked up the size 20 trousers yesterday too...and tried them on last nite...OMFG they are like about 2 centimetres too small for me...and about 8-10 centimetres smaller then the size 24's so no wonder they keep friggin falling down LOL but i was wrapped at how close i am to fitting into them :)

Theres not too much else to say...bring on the new week and some good workouts!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday August 15

Well i am having a lovely weekend! Last nite was so much fun...i didnt get home till 12.30am,,,,,thats a late one for the princess ! lol Anyway we went for dinner...i had spinach and ricotta ravioli...which was rather nice except it had huge chunks of avaocado in it...while i like avocoda...not a whole spoonful! Then tracy and laura went and got cake and coffee! And these cakes were to freaking die for! So i instead got a hot chocolate and a gingerbread lol so im eating this dry crap while they are eating luscious mud cake and cheese cake...but as fiona pointed out...i had no sugar hangover today lol We then went back to tracys house for a coffee (or a pepsi in my case) it was really a fun nite...and we decided another girls nite in late october :)

This morning i went to the gym, and started the new weights program and all i can say is my trainer is MEAN! In fact i think i told her she is horrible LOL I hate using "bose" heres a pic of one

the bose is that blue half circle thing...which is inflated so when you stand on it you are not i got bloody 2 exercise out of 4 that use the damn thing! But that said i could really feel me working out so it is all good! Tonite im cooking pasta mixed with roasted cherry tomatos, spinach, and chicken with a sprinkling of parmassen cheese - yum yum! Followed by a ww choc sundae...mmmmmm cant wait for dinner!

I will be in bed early tonite tho lol im way tired after my late nite (hahahha im like such a nanna sometimes !) Okies enjoy ur saturday nite all !

Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday August 14

My mouth is heaps better today...but ive noticed one part of the tooth is a lil sharp so i am guessing they may have to file that down a bit more.

Went to the gym last nite ... did boxing. Got my heart rate up to 92% :) When fiona was stretching me i was saying it got up to 92% and she was like "good cos i cant tell with you much anymore when i am pushing you too hard cos you always look fine" lol so thats good. Tomorrow morning i have PT too and we are starting a new weight program...which i had a nosy at last nite lol and got caught trying to check it out! lol I was then telling fiona about the 10 minutes on the cross trainer...she was pretty impressed with that...i didnt get time to last nite...but tomorrow ill try 11 minutes on it...we will see how i go!

Tonite i am off for dinner with my old school friends...should be a good nite - i am looking forward to it.

Not much else to say...enjoy ur friday all !

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday August 13

Oh i just had some good news ! We can now get a $100 discount on dental work thru work. hows that for timing? Just printed up the voucher...and lucky for me my dentist is one of the dentists you can use it for! very very happy with that news!

Gymmed it last nite and did a full 10 minutes on the cross trainer...very impressed before the most i have lasted is 3.5 minutes lol Tonite i have PT and am doing boxing...and my bloody tummy muscles are still sore from those pushups the other sure that will make fionas day when i tell her lol Foodwise back on track today...bought my weetbix in which is the first time for WEEKS and i am drinking water as we speak.

Tomorrow nite i am going out for dinner. A old school friend who lives in queensland is coming down and a few friends from school are going out to dinner with him. The bargain is that the hotel we are going for dinner at is around the corner from work - nice n easy!

My tooth is so much better now. I still have a lil pain in the jaw but its nothing compared to the pain before and there was some swelling on my gum but thats gone down now too. The next step is to start to eat on that i havent eaten on that side for about 2 years! LOL and im a lil tentative about it so at the moment when im eating something soft im trying to eat it on that side.

Okies off i to do ! Enjoy all

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday August 11

Well its been one hell of a 24 hours. Yesterday after I blogged I ended up ringing up katies and getting them to put me on hold for me --- size 20! They wont fit me just yet but will in time. Then i went to the gym last nite and something exciting part of the program we have been doing tricep push ups against this bar....anyway so i say to fiona is this suppose to hurt my tummy? Shes like yeh it will...n i say yeh i noticed when i tried it at home it hurt too. And she says were u trying to do pushups on ur toes or knees at home? Im like my toes....but i cant do them...shes like lets like i cant do it...shes like just i get down...she gives me some pointers and i manage one wooo hooo then she says to try again and says you dont have to stop at one lmfao so i try again and managed two...omg you shoulda seen her...i was collapsed in a heap on the floor she was like oh this is so have just given me ideas for your next program LOL (next time ill bloody shut up!)

About two years ago i had a filling in one of my molars fall out. I never went to the dentist about fact I havent been to a decent for about 15 years...mostly cos i am scared shitless of them and secondly cos i felt embarressed ,,,, anyway last year i had a lot of pain in this tooth, but then it settled down. Anyway its been painful the last week or two...anyway this morning i woke with it aching....headed off to work and it was getting i rang my old dentist...and tried to get in with one of his partners (they were approved for medibank health) so i went and saw him...and he was lovely i may marry him! LOL jk anyway he drained and cleaned the tooth...drilled it....filled it and gave me antibiotics. I also told them i want my teeth all fixed...(after 15 years theres a bit of work needed!) so they worked out a treatment plan...its 5 visits over the next 5-6 months and will cost $4400! thankfully i have private health cover and will only have to pay $1300, on top of that todays appointment was $500 and i had to pay $180 for all up it will cost close to $5000 but it really needs done and will do HEAPS for my confidence i think. My jaw is a lil sore this afternoon mainly when i open it wide...the tooth itself is like so much better then it was this morning...i cant believe it was so easy at the dentist and how many hours of pain i have put up with! I was very lucky....luckily i had very good teeth while growing up and even with the issues i have had i have kept up the cleaning of my teeth twice a day...the doctor said while i have cosmetic issues the teeth them selves and the roots and bone structure are actually in really good thats one good thing...this has been something on my mind for several years...and i am so glad i am addressing it now...wait till the teeth are all nice...ill suddenly have photos with huge smiles! lol...well gonna go lie down some more...have a good day all !

Monday, August 10, 2009

I AM a new person

I have to say i am so glad i took those photos yesterday. Once i posted them...i scrolled them so i could see my body but my head was not seen....and sat there and tried to disassociate myself from the photos...and think did i think a person with that body could belong in a gym class...and you know what? The answer is yes. I am going to saunter into that bloody body pump class...and KNOW i belong! I think more and more i am seeing myself as a different person. This morning i walked to the bus stop was wearing my new pink jacket and theres this guy at the bus stop and he goes "pretty in pink" more and more i am realising...that people may be showing some attention to me not to humiliate me but to be friendly or whatever like a "normal" person. I am still a lil stunned that i bought pants too big for me on saturday that i didnt even THINK that i could fit into a smaller pair...i didnt even think to check the fit...i was just so damn excited those size 24's fitted me LOL

On the weekend i gave my friend tracy a pile of my old clothes no clothes that are too big for me in my house right at this moment LOL

Of course this is get serious week in preparation for the biggest loser competition at work. Tonite i have PT with fiona and i am looking forward to it! First time in ages i have been looking forward to the gym so YAY me !

If my foxtel isnt working by tonite im gonna ring up and tell them they can give me a credit bloody buggers....couldnt record biggest loser last nite :(

Okies not much else to say - thank you everyone for the lovely comments - enjoy your day =]

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Picture Update

As promised heres some pics...Ive also included my "before" pic too for comparison



Sunday August 9

Well last nite was a fun nite ! I wore my new pants but they kept falling down! I obviously should have tried the size 22 ones...i think when i tried them on i thought wow size 24 fits me and i didnt even contemplate that maybe i should be trying on a even smaller size. So i will prolly buy a belt for them...i really liked them. I will take a photo today before i go out to lunch with tania.

The nite was fun tho....had dinner....i ate just bruschetta and a entree size honey chicken salad we then went to the club. The club was was lots of older people especially guys dancing....and omg when they dance they dance like their onstage singing hahahahha omfg was hilarious i shoulda recorded some on my phone and posted it...we were all laughing our head off. Anyway it was nice to see everyone. Today i am off to lunch with tania which should be foxtel is still not working...piece of chit they are ! lol

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Saturday August 8

YAY its saturday! Got up early and went to the gym. Did some boxing...fiona had me freaking running ! And they have this new thing its like this pole thing with padding around it and u kick it when doing she had me running up to it and doing these crazy side i thought i was gonna die. I was thinking last nite and i came to a bit of a ive got more attention in a "flirtatious" way i seem to have backed off being so dedicated to the weight loss...i talked to fiona about it this morning and she agreed its just my head needing to catch up to my body.

I went shopping today and bought clothes! I bought a size 24 pair of tight black skinny jeans from katies...they are so dayam nice...and my legs dont look like the size of elephant trunks in em hahahahhah they were normally priced at $69.95 but were reduced to $29.95 then i got a pink zip up jacket for $10 from target...a white frilly top from best & less for $35.00 and also 2 bracelets from spoilt myself but i needed some new stuff so its all good.

Anyway tonite should be fun...out for dinner with the girls then some dancing...mite even splash out and have a champagne or two...have a good saturday nite all !

Friday, August 07, 2009

Friday August 7

Its time to get back into things...and most importantly its time to set a routine for the gym...when the gym falls into place everything else seems to follow. So my plan is :

Monday : PT with fiona
tuesday : body pump or swiss ball class (depending what time i finish work)
wednesday : cardio
thursday : PT with fiona
friday : swimming - yes honest thats my intention!
saturday : PT with fiona
sunday : walk (once my foot is sorted out)

Now thats 7 days per week...i dont expect to do 7 days per week...sunday will prolly be a rest day ill just go walking when i feel like it...and the swimming is really gonna be a rest day...and will be more playing around in the pool more so then doing laps. I think that should work...and starting thursday im back to mostly non processed foods. The cut off for works biggest loser competition is next friday...and our first weigh in the fortnight im gonna stop going to ww and see how i go with the monthly weigh in. I think the competition and the chance to win a prize will motivate me...hell hopefully its money as some extra money for a certain holiday would be very kewl !

This weekend is rather busy. Tomorrow its the gym, grocery shopping and i need to buy a printer. Saturday nite i am suppose to be going to a girls nite with a bunch of friends i went to school with (and ms jaimee is coming along as my hot date! lol) but one of my friends dad had a stroke earlier this week and now has a chest infection and wasnt suppose to live 24 hours...i havent heard anything if he passes away we may postpone the get together. Sunday i am off out to lunch with tania.

Not much else to to do some work ;)

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Thursday August 6

I am guessing most have heard about the terror threats at Holsworthy. Im very interested in this story cos i grew up in Holsworthy! Back when i was young holsworthy not only had the army barracks but also a army village (its been redeveloped since and is called wattle grove) anyway growing up in holsworthy was such a great place to grow up. Every house in the suburb was owned by the army and every family that lived there had at least one household member in the army. It was a lifestyle of no social classes...with very basic living. No shopping centres, no take away stores...we had a swimming pool...a primary courts...asco (similar to a lil deli store with a pub behind it)...child care centre, cricket club, gymnastics club....and that was about it. Back then we ended up in the barracks a few times....we regularly went to work with dad during school holidays....i remember once me and my sister followed this old dry creek and we ended up in the barracks - oops! We had no concern about getting in trouble by the army our only concern was that dad didnt see us! lol. I remember staying at my best friends house one weekend...and her families garbage bin had been stolen so her mum...packs us into the car....we go in the the back of the friends mum sent my friend out and told her to get one of their bins LOL and we left the barracks with that bin unless things have drasticly changed i would say holsworthy still has slack security.

I was home today with incredibly bad cramps (yep TOM is back and back with avengence) i just went and had a shower and had a dizzy my guess is the iron levels arent so good...thank god i had roast lamb this week or it could have been worse. Once this TOM goes i have to make a appointment for a pelvic ultrasound...the doc said today my condition is "chronic" and they suspect i may have fibroids and that may be whats causing my iron levels to be so why i hate the thought of the ultrasound (had one about 10 years and it was horrid experience so not looking forward to it) but i need to get this sorted out.

Not much else to say ... need some rest...enjoy all

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Tuesday August 4

Well been a few days since i updated and blogger is being a ass today so we will see how it goes cos surprisingly i do have a bit to say ;)

Firstly my weigh in result was great,,,,BUT then on sunday i woke up completely drained to find TOM had arrived (even tho it had only finished 4 days earlier) it was then gone by monday morning but back monday afternoon bringing with it all the cramps and PMT shit that goes along with it. Anyway sunday i didnt eat so good...and by monday i had had enuff so off to the docs i went to tell him this pill isnt working out. And what a delightful lil chat we had! Firstly i said...i wanna try just diet and iron supplements and see how i go about bringing my iron levels up and hes are gonna bleed to death (overdramatics i think!) and then i said well i dont want a IUD...and hes like why not? I was gay i have no need for contraception and i dont want something stuck in me! He was like they just shove it in (and yes he used the word shove twice) and i was like well i heard some people bleed heavier from it...hes like true it only works for 60% but if it doesnt work for you we will remove it, then he is like you will have to have a ablasion (or something) and then if that doesnt work a hysterectomy (argh!) he then goes ... do u have fibroids? im like no...hes like how do u know u dont? haha freaking smart ass doctor! So then hes like you need to go have a pelvic ultrasound...not that they will prolly find anything but lets go do one anyway. Walked out of the doctors thinking maybe a second opinion is in order and if it is such a big drama...maybe ill just wait till i get my long service leave and get a hysterectomy. Lets face it i dont need a baby making factory ! lol

Tania asked how i am finding the 1 on 1 sessions at the myer centre...blah they are okay...i get the feeling that because they know what weight ive lost and how long ive been doing it...they dont seem to be going thru the weekly books with me. Last week with the pedometer challenge...she gave me the book and asked how mcuh im exercising and i explained i only exercised twice last week...and she said...i dont think u need to do the pedometer challenge cos ur already active...

I came into work today to find a email from Jaimee...our work is doing a "body transformation competition" (biggest loser type thing) and jaimee was like u need to enter this u will win. Its over 12 weeks...doing ur own nutrition and work out program and whoever loses the most body fat wins. Now seeing as 90% of our staff are guys its not likely i would win but this could definitely be the focus i need. Cos my head certainly isnt in the right place at the moment. Also there would be monthly weigh i could save a bit of cash and leave ww alone while i do still follow the points...but weigh in at big focus would be the gym tho and building up the days per week i am going.

Anyway not much else to I go

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Saturday August 1

Went to weight watchers last nite and weighed in YAY 2.8 kilos gone (thats 6.16 pounds to you yanks) so very happy with that. After that i went to buy some chinese (becoming a friday nite tradition) I got marinated grilled chicken with rice it was quite a big serve but i had 11.5 points plus i had used none of my exercise points so i figured it wouldnt kill me....the chicken was so tender and yummii...mite do it again next friday nite.

Today i am at work then tomorrow i have a whole day off WHACKADO! But i have a bit planned. For one thing i have washing washing and more washing to do. I am gonna roast a lamb (yes me! i am gonna make also roast potatos and roast some cherry tomatos mmmmm), i also am planning to make some low point blueberry muffins.

I picked up a brochure last nite on the mite even sit down and read up on california and decide whether to spend a few days there as well...cos of course disneyland is there...and i mean if i am travelling all that way seems a shame not to see some of LA but also LA seems a bit daunting so we will have to wait and see on that part. When i was at the gym on thursday nite i was telling fiona about the trip and then we have a year to shrink my fat ass so it will sit in the plane seat LOL.

Tonite i am planning to just watch some tv...ive recorded cold case files plus the latest crime investigation australia so get to watch some gruesome chit (im a HUGE crime buff)

Funny i was thinking last nite...i rarely go on the computer at home now...i mean apart from the ww site, facebook, emails and occassionally the ww chat room. I havent been in any other chat room since i got "the" email from im really glad she sent me that bitchy email now hahhahahahah

Okies not a lot else going on...enjoy ur weekend all !