Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saturday August 22

Firstly in response to a comment (and i love ALL of ur comments - keep em coming! ;)) the reason i dont take my str8 friends out to the lesbian a few is i prolly used the description gay bars incorrectly...i generally dont go to them but i do like to go to lesbian events. And the thing with them is they are 99% friends (most except for maybe jaimee) are pretty i dont truly know how they would cope with the lesbian events...the dances etc cos there is a lot of kissing and close dancing etc. The other thing is i would worry about them enjoying themselves...and also i have a few groups of friends in the lesbian community but not really a best friend or anything...who i could just ring and say....hey lets go to the dance friday nite...but cos i do know a few groups of people i do have a habit of not sitting still...and flitting between different groups...and i wouldnt do that if i am going to worry about my friends. If that makes sense....people are prolly thinking well just go then...but i am the type i like to have someone to go walk in with...cos u never know the time i go by myself will be the time i wont know anyone there ! lol

Okies i have a hilarious story to share! Now everyone knows im gay...but back in my late teens/early 20's i was trying to live the life everyone expected of me...and did have some involvements with a couple of guys...ones name was luke...the other was ray. Now i knew ray since i was about 15 we use to go to legacy camps together...and we were mates...but then we started to get friendly....and things got intimate...yes he has shared my bed etc anyway he was the last guy i slept with (hahahah havent told the poor buggar that dont want to destroy his ego!) but anyway for the last 15 or so years...we havent had contact...anyway we found each other on facebook...which is fine...but...anyway yesterday i typed something on my facebook about being a dyke...which confused the HELL out of hahhahaha for everyones enjoyment here is the conversation that ensued! lol

ray : You have aroused my curiosity! Tell me more!
me: hahahaha nothing too exciting except im not straight...came out as a lesbian about 6 years ago
ray: Did I really have such a bad influence on you so many years ago?
me: lol ive known i liked girls since i was about 10....but yanno its not the "done" i tried to do what everyone expected of my late teens i knew i was at least bi...i was just a late bloomer...didnt really acknowledge it to myself till my late 20's
ray: I guess one more for old times sake is out of the question?
me: hahahahaha nope ! lol
ray: What! "Nope" its not out of the question or "Nope" its deffinitely not happening?
me: LOL...definitely out of the question lol
ray: Aw! Your'e no fun!

hahhhaha okies SERIOUSLY you gotta give the boi points for trying ! lol

Worked some more on the wellness plan between calls at work yesterday lol and its really helping to zoom into my focus...especially when im thinking about questions like "how donyou vision your wellness will look like" - "what strategies are you going to put in place to achieve this" - of course the hard questions are the things like what are your strengths that will help you achieve this and what are the challenges that will be in your way?

I tell u people...i got people all around me who've been at hospitals lately...nerd boi ryan (one of my bestest friends) had a ultrasound early this week and they found a tumour in his liver...after cat scans we thankfully found out its benign....tania goes into hospital for some surgery on tuesday (best of luck with it tania altho i KNOW you will be fine!) and then my friend max messaged me this morning saying she is going in for exploratory surgery in 3 weeks time. They do say things come in 3's dont they? no one else get bloody sick thanks ! lol

Today will be a semi busy day when i finally get my ass out of bed....i am contemplating it lol i am off to the gym for a PT session and am gonna start doing cardio after my sessions after chatting to fiona about 12.30 PT followed by 15 minutes on that bloody xtrainer and 15 on the bike...then off to do my grocery shopping and then hopefully off to the garden store to replenish my edible garden.

Last nite i was talking on facebook to a friend of mine laura (we went to school together and catch up relatively regularly) and she was coming up with my strengths lol...theh suddenly she said to me "there is also a new lightness to you, you know when the grey cloud shifts. Almost like you have unpeeled yourself and I see you NOW the same way I saw you when we hung around 20 yrs ago" now thats a pretty damn nice compliment....for those who dont know...i hibernated away for a number of years about 9 or so years ago....and lost contact in that time with pretty much the life i have today is a far cry from that to me thats a pretty damn awesome compliment

Okies off i go ! enjoy ur saturday all

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266 said...

"ray: I guess one more for old times sake is out of the question?"

ROFLMFAO!!! Seriously, I nearly fell out of my chair on that one!

Not that you had to give one, but thanks for the explanation... I hope you find people you're comfortable going to the bars with. Congrats on rediscovering your 'lightness'.