Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday August 23

omg i so wanted to go to the gym today ! i am loving that i am missing it again on days im not going. The 12 week biggest loser comp at work starts tomorrow and im DETERMINED to end up in the top 2 amongst the love to win the whole thing...but im not that unrealistic. Anyway as part of the wellness thing we been working on ive been coming up with strategies, so the plan is:

* stick to the plan
* exercise minimum 60 minutes 4 times per week
* spend 60 minutes a week using the wii
* Not saying no to ANY social events invites i get (unless not doable cos of work)

so the big initial way in is tomorrow. Tomorrow i have gym...planning to do a 30 minute amazing abs class followed by 30 minutes on the bike (will take it easy on that) then 30 minutes of boxing.

Leigh and me were texting today...and apart from the fact she was calling me babe....she actually suggested we go out for dinner idea what it means but im game ! lol Theres also another girl in pink sofa...a mutual friend suggested she message she has been messaging me and today mentioned the possibility of us meeting...that ones a lil more complicated tho so we will see what happens!

Ok off i go...enjoy ur sunday nite and have a good week

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Carlton said...

all the best with the biggest loser competition....