Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday August 25

Well it feels like lots has happened the last few days...once i start writing ill discover if that is true or not lol

Went to the gym last nite and when i walked in they handed me a pamphlett...turns out the gym is moving. We are moving firther down the mall and the new setup sounds fab! They are gonna have 3 x group fitness rooms including a mind & body studio (not really sure what this means lol) and express 30 minute classes, cardio room including new tv touch screen treadmills, enormous strenth training room including more equipment, express area (im guessing thats a curves type setup), specialized personal training area, larger change rooms with 14 showers, members lounge with internet hub! How cool does that all sound? They are renovating at the moment and we will be moving there late september or early october...its super exciting if you ask me!

Years ago all thru my 20's i had a penpal from Sweden we wrote to each other for over 10 years but we eventually lost track. Anyway i searched her on facebook the other day and her name was camilla winkvist...it bought up someone whose name was camilla and who has people on their friends list whose name ends in winkvist...so i decided to give it a try...sent her a message...turns out it was the wrong person...but this girl did some research for me ! My friend was a teacher and she found me a email for who is quite likely my old pen pal so later today i am gonna email the email address and see if it is her or not!

Last nite at the gym as promised i did the abs class - where i died! omg it was a killer...i was thinking to myself wtf am i doing in here? lol Then i did 30 minutes on the bike and 30 minutes of boxing with fiona. By the end my heart rate monitor said id burnt 894 calories over the 90 minutes and did say during boxing that my heart rate got to 106% fiona says thats fine as long as i am not nauseas or feeling faint which im not...just feel tired as crap (all that bloody running she has me do lately) Foodwise yesterday was perfect too -struts- today im going to the gym again...gonna do 20 minutes on the treadmill...10 minutes on the bike...20 minutes on the damn cross trainer and then 10 on the bike...i was contemplating the body step class instead but i dont think i could handle it.

I am trying to talk jaimee into joining the gym...dunno if its working too good !

Gawd i just got up from my desk took a deep breath and nearly keeled over with pain in my stomach hahahahhaha guess that abs class did something ! okies off i go petals !

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Chris H said...

Ouch! I too overdid the ab workout a week ago, I could'nt even cough without pain!
Deleted post: "Question"... I say whatever makes you happy mate.