Saturday, October 31, 2009

Saturday October 31

My legs hurt today and the more the day is going on the more they are hurting...definitely reminding me how old i am LOL. But im sure in a day or two it will have settled down. This arvo after work will go for a 45 minute walk then gonna make home made hamburger for dinner...yum yum!!!

Just had the funniest thing happen....firstly i am wearign cargo pants today! YAY i bought these like 2 years ago and they finally fit...anyways they have a zipper down the front of them and i am out for a walk with Ryan i look down see the zipper and for a insect i think i have a dragon fly or some sort of insect on me and scream lol ryan is like wtf? im like oh no matter its just my zipper lol

Okies not much else to say...roll on 5pm tomorrow nite when my weekend starts :)

Friday, October 30, 2009


For the past 3 months or so i have felt down on myself...and pissy that im not further along in the journey then i am. What fiona said yesterday has been on my mind a lil...anyway after work tonite...i went to the gym...i only had 40 minutes or so before i had to head off to weigh in. So i got on that treadmill..walked for 2 minutes...ran for 1 minute...walked for 2 miute...ran for 1 minute etc most know the treadmills have petrified me i have always worried i would roll my ankle or something...and i always hold on to the handle bars...anyway about 20 minutes into it...i gonna remove my hands next time i run...OMG not leaning over to hold a bar and suddenly i am breathing better and i feel really running...35 minutes later i finally finish...all sweaty...547 caloires burnt...and just amazed...sure i mite be a lil big (ok a lot big lol) but i can run on those treadmills just like everyone else...for the first time ever i felt confident at the gymand that i belonged...i loved was so liberating.

I then headed over to weigh in...and i stayed exactly the same....after 2 weeks of losing 6.6 kilos...i am guessing my body is just settling so i am not concerned. BUT i am going to get under 130 kilos this week...i am FRIGGIN determined....which means i need to lose 1.3 i am gonna bust my ass this is the plan exercise wise:

saturday : 45 minute walk
sunday : 45 minute walk
Monday AM : Minimum 40 minutes of walk/run
Monday PM : 1 hour PT - boxing/weights
Tuesday AM : 30 minutes PT - boxing
Tuesday PM : body pump followed by 20 minutes walk/run
Wednesday PM : body balance followed by 20 minutes walk/run
Thursday : PT boxing or core followed by minimum 30 minutes walk/run
Friday : 40 minutes walk/run

Now its a lot of exercise...but the only real doing quite a bit more running and going twice a day to the gym on my days that said often when u up the exercise the expected big loss doesnt follow thru...but i am so friggin determined...wats done is done...its now time to truly move on and to work towards getting under 120 kilos by xmas.

Moving on...mwuahahahahhaha life is great ;)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thursday October 29

Day off...about bloody time! I had PT this morning i really didnt want to go...i have been thinking too much...thinking about how 3 years later and i still have over 50 kilos to lose and it pisses me off...granted ive done good to lose and keep off 39 kilos...but to be my mind its not good enuff. Anyway i went in...did my PT the end fiona asked me if id still been thinking about the fact i think i should be further along then i am....i was like...ummm yeh...she basically told me i need to stop being so hard on myself...and start to think about how far i have come in the last 6 months...she also was saying....that sitting here thinking how far i feel should be along in this journey is like thinking about another parallel universe...that the fact is...i am where i am...because of a whole range of reasons and i just need to accept this. (Yeh she says exactly what she is thinking at times lol) Anyways my butt hurts...we were doing these horrid exercises and my butt is so sore right now...

Came home and there was a letter from royal adelaide hospital for a i go to see the specialist on december 8 (just gotta try and organise a day off now)

Everything else is good...decided to organise a nite out for my birthday on January 17...Jaimee was like make it a Jillian Michaels theme lol but yes hopefully i will have a good nite out then...and MAYBE i mite have lost a bit by then and be able to wear a dress.

Funny writing down that stuff i wrote in the first paragraph makes me feel a lil better...

Okies off i go...need to go and get organised so i can do my grocery shopping

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wednesday October 28

How glorious is this Adelaide weather? Last nite after work went down to the park...which is a lot closer to my house then i realised...its a real nice park...lots of lovely shady tomorrow on my day off after the gym i am gonna go there with my book and a towel and relax out in the sunshine :) Anyway went for my walk/run...completely exhausted my self. Tonite i am not gonna run just gonna go for a 40 minute walk.

Tomorrow i am off YAY only one day off this week...but i have monday and tuesday off. Have gym at 11am for delightful PT *smirks* It may be for a hour...if not mondays session will be for a hour (god help me...and seriously i mean that! God please help me survive it hehe) I asked for a hour as i am working saturday morning but just a case whether fiona can fit it in or not...and as i still dont have a mobile phone (it died when it got water damaged) Fiona has prolly forgotten and sent me a text if she can do 1 hour we will find out tomorrow i guess ! lol

Free bbq at work today...ill be steering clear of the sausages...but will have some and work it into my points today.

Okies...toodles !

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday October 27

Went off to the gym last nite...firstly i did 45 minutes on the treadmill...25 minutes at 4.5k and a incline of 2% i was finding when i increased the incline too much my toes would get pains in them (have i ever mentioned how annoyed i get that i let myself get to 170+ kilos cos im sure half my aches and pains are related to that) i then did 20 minutes at a slower speed as i didnt want to be stuffed by the time i went into PT. Went into PT and must admit i was hitting harder then normal and fiona had me running way the end i wasnt feeling the greatest and she even asked me if i was gonna throw up haha !

Today i have a bit of gut ache which i think may be related to the iron drinking a ton of water so hopefully it settles down shortly...hopefully it does and then that way tonite ill go to the park and do half laps...half walking...half running...for 30 minutes.

I made a off hand comment to fiona last nite...i said....i soemtimes think 130 kilos is the natural and proper weight for my body as i never seem to get under it and stay under it...fiona was like..thats your defense mechanish fearing failure...ugh hate when she is right....she sure shut me up lol

Everything else is going good altho my scales are showing a gain but im not sure how accurate they are. But i am not eating good...exercising.

Have a good day all

Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday October 26

Its Monday...altho really my wednesday ;) as I have a holw day off this week and thursday is it lol

I really came to a couple of conclusions this week...exercise is my medication ! Yes exercise is needed for weight loss etc but im discoverring if i skip it for a couple of days i start to get moody and it really comes down to i need to do at least 30 minutes every day. Who honestly ever thought I would get so much out of exercising...and its even taken this long for me to suddenly click about all it does.

I am also going to stop going out on weekends i work...i need to live more..I work so going out for dinner or the movies once or twice a week should certainly be worked in.

Tonite i am off to the gym...after my PT session of boxing gonna do the whole interval training thing again...ill do it at the same speed and incline but try and do 30 minutes instead of just 25 minutes.

Not a lot else going on...hope everyoen has a good day

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday October 24

So i am working this weekend which explains why I am home on a saturday nite. But i am debating...our work xmas show is coming up...i have worked there for 8.5 years and never been...Jaimee wants me to go this year...the only dilema...its themed *rolls eyes* so what is the theme? "Disco Studio 54" so being a plus size girl...seriously people what on earth could i wear? Does anyone have any type of ideas? I was trying to think of maybe a tv character or something...but something that it wouldnt be ridicuously hard to put a costume together for...otherwise...i skip the xmas show altogether...or simply buy a dress (i did see one at myers yesterday) and dress up as "kazz" for something novel. If i go...i am staying in town as getting a taxi that nite would be a i could simply buy a dress...but...i think most will be dressing up altho it seems a hard theme to dress up for ! The dress i saw at myers was a peach/light orange colour with a gathered waist which as i got smaller i could add a belt was really nice and on special for $89.95 so its a thought.

Didnt exercise today,,,,i have only one day off in 9 decided ill rest tonite and tomorrow nite...and then back into the gym during the week...i am very excited tho to do the interval training again Monday...cant wait till i get my ipod and cant start the C25k program...never know by the time i go to streaky i mite be able to say to my sister "heading out for a run back in 30 minutes" hehe ok no thats not gonna happen that would be just absurb !

But yes...i will be going over to streaky relatively soonish. I have 3 weeks off starting december 30 (my birthday) so i dont wanna really land in streaky on my bday but think i will the next day and spend 7 or so days there....then head back and throw myself into a couple of weeks of the gym and relaxation before heading back to work. Then my holidays over the next 18 months are pretty september to streaky for Danielles dance concert and then wooo hooo June 2011 ... of to the US and to new mexico for pride...wo0ot how much fun !

Okies off i go...enjoy all!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday October 23

yay blogger is back and finally working!

Well my goodness i have a VERY busy couple of days off. Lets see..went for the blood test yesterday morning...then dashed home for breakfast before heading off to the gym...did 20 minutes of the fat burner program on the treadmill and then 30 minutes of boxing. I left it at that yesterday as I had been for the blood test and i am usually a bit woozy after them. I then headed out for some lunch and then headed to "my budget". I suck at saving...i spend every damn cent i have LOL so i went there...told them i wanna save for a holiday...and tada i now have a budget ! I should have $5500 saved by March the holiday to the US will be shortly after that...Im starting to think June as thats when Gay Pride is in New Mexico. I then came home and relaxed. Today i got to sleep in YAY I then went into the gym...i did 25 minutes of the fat burner again and then did weights and then me and fiona had a bit of a chat...i was explaining that i feel 15 months into the gym i think i should be doing more...and that after 3 years i feel i should have better results...anyway so fionas first concern is i stay motivated enuff to continually come in but she wants me to be more "knackered" when i leave...her recommendation was to start walking 2 minutes followed by running for 1 minutes on a incline. So i then got on the treadmill for another 25 minutes...i was at a 4.5k speed and a incline of 2% (which she later said was real good for the first time) and i did it...and yes completely i walked out fiona saw me and was like...i like that red face...she then asked me what i did ... and she seemed impressed...we are going to watch it carefully to ensure the running doesnt give me any pain...but funnily enuff...i dont feel any pain at all when running...just bloody puffed ! LOL

I then went to weigh in and lost 1.2 kilos ! YAY so glad. Lia my leader wants me to start being quite thorough with my tracking of exercise points in case i plateau down the track as it could be related to exercise (i earnt 7 bloody points today lol)

Okies time to go tomorrow....enjoy ur friday nite all

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I was talking to a friend a few days ago and she asked how the dating is going...i said...well...its not...i think it would be a distraction...and she said something that kinda stopped me in my tracks and that was something along the lines of "no it would give you more to work towards" and that she thought i would be like a butterfly coming out of a cocoon (not too sure about that last part!) anyway it then got me to thinking about max...on saturday friend max said to me "i have a friend...a single friend" and thats all she managed to say before i said i dont do blind dates max...she still kept going on and i was again...i dont do blind i do wonder why i put up such a wall when it comes to this stuff. It surely cant be related to Ang as its like 5 years since we split...shes dead and buried in the land of kazz (not literally but u get my drift haha) it really makes me wonder why i would be so scared of this even tho i know its one of my goals of this weight loss journey...maybe its that i feel thats a "reward" i get at the end of the journey not during it...its a real puzzler...maybe next time someone says "i have a single friend" i may actually listen...and take them up on meeting the person...

Wednesday October 21

YAY my last day doing a 7am two days off then 8am starts (amazing the difference that 1 hour makes)

Last nite me and ryan went out to bloomin Gawler while his car was getting fixed we didnt walk into town as planned as it was a lot furher away...instead we stopped at michels and i bought a scone and a skinny hot chocolate...not the greatest choice but it worked at the time. As we had a hour or so of hanging around at this guys place. Then we headed home..i was very tired last nite. Had a ww meal plus a choc sundae after dinner. Jumped on the scales this morning...i had lost about 300 grams since now adjusted to no loss this week unless i suddenly lose a pile of fluid ! I was thinking at first it was fluid retention and prolly partly is but i think that huge loss has something to do with it im not getting into a tizz about it.

I am trying to decide about todays exercise...there is a oval a few streets from me...kinda hidden so its not very busy...was thinking about maybe walking around it a few times then trying to jog a bit of it too...or going to do a body balance class later tonite. Decisions decisions i kinda cant be bothered going to the gym (lazy ass i am!lol) and i have PT in the will be there 10.30am tomorrow morning anyway...tomorrow i wanna do 30 minutes on the treadmill..PT....then 30 minutes on the treadmill...i cant do a hour straight on the treadmill...but if i break it up like this i am fine.

Okies 3pm NEEDS to hurry up and come ! 10.30am and only 15 minutes no wonder im so bloody hungry in the afternoon ! hate these shifts! lol okies off i go...i have to go attend to facebook...ooops i mean gotta go do some work ! HAHA!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday October 20

Well i am one sleepy princess this morning ! Started work at 7am and also have a 7am start tomorrow. UGH thursday and friday i am off tho so really looking forward to sleeping in (altho wont be that late as i need to go get the blood test and i have PT)

Last nite at the gym...i did 20 minutes of the fat burner on the treadmill...then did 30 minutes of weights followed by 30 minutes on the treadmill...only issue with this was the last 30 minutes i was watching two and a half men...and i would be laughing at the show and get a bit fiduddled on the treadmill lol But worked out for 1 hour and 23 minutes and burnt 747 calories which is about 5-6 i was rather impressed. In the PT session fiona got me to do this ABSURB exercise...lemme see if i can explain balance against a fitball with just the top of your shoulders and head on it...feet on the ground and legs bent at the knee at a right angle you then lift one leg up and cross it over the other then lower your hips and then raise them to the bridge position...and repeat aahhahah OMGOODNESS crazy..i was like i cant do that...and she was like...okay before u start hypervntilating just try lol and then she got very excited cos i managed to do it and declared it would be in the next program. Then she was like..anything u wanna do in ur next program...anything ur curious about etc? I was like ummmm no lol she was like you are too scared to open your mouth in case u make it worse for yourself lol - no chit !

Anyway the scales were up this morning grrrr but its prolly fluid retention...whilst i didnt go over points on the weekend i did have a few wines and that chicken burger woulda been high in sodium...hopefully it all settles down before next weigh in....(that said i did have a huge loss and a gain may be just to balance everything out) okies off i go to do some more of this thing called work - enjoy all !

Monday, October 19, 2009

Fitness Classes

My mind is whirring today ;) i was jsut reading on the ww forum about someone who does 4 pump classes a week...damn i am envious! I really really wish i felt comfortable enuff to do classes...i know u should have the attitude that I am doing best for me so who cares what others think about it...but u know i do care! Im not miss confident in the gym and maybe i never will be but i really really wish i could feel comfortable and not out of place at them...i would go to the gym more often. I know i simply should not care what others think...but when ur my size and also when u have been 171 kilos and dont think u really have that ability...its hard to get my head around it. I know people think i exercise a lot (and i guess in essence i do) but i still doubt my ability to do stuff...whenever fiona gives me new stuff im always like what? are you serious? On saturday fiona had me do a squat against a wall...while doing boxing jabs and uppercuts...sounds easy enuff eh? oh did i mention one leg has to be off the ground while doing it? She showed me and i just looked at her like she was a mad woman (which i think she is ! lol) but i was like...i cant do that...and it took me a bit to get use to it but i did manage...but it just makes me realise how much self doubt i have especially when in the gym. I really just wish i could say f*** it and just get on with it...

Monday October 19

Well first lesson of the day is if you have to leave for work at 6.10am DO NOT set your alarm for 6.45am lol...thankfully i woke up at 6am by myself and then ran around madly. Early start today which means a early finish YAY...3pm and i am out of here. When i woke this morning i was dying of thirst so i think saturday nites wines and chicken burger have caught up with me so shoving the water down today ! lol

Tonight i have gym (surprise, surprise) - I have PT so weights tonite and then i will do the fat burner on the treadmill again for 30 minutes. The gym just sent out a email saying they have some new "express classes" including a orbit class (fitball exercises) as usual i am pondering doing classes LOL

Not much else going on today...beautiful weather today so will sneak in a couple of 10 minute walks during my breaks too. Okies off i go...enjoy all :)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday October 18

Well my goodness this has been a fun weekend ! And my brain is telling me this is how weekends should be. okies...back we go....friday nite i weighed in and lost 5.4 kilos! Was it a huge surprise? no LOL my scales were showing around the 5 kilo mark so i was quietly confident of losing at losing 4 kilos. So ta-da ! My scales werent wrong...and i left a happy girl lol (phew no tantrums in the myer centre this week)

Saturday morning i was up at 7am *yawns* and at the gym by 9am. Did a PT session of boxing followed by 30 minutes of the fat burner program on the treadmill..which shows u how much more confident i am slowly getting with the treadmill cos the fat burner program changes the speed/gradients every minute but i survived it quite nicely ! Then I left the gym...spilt water all thru my gym bag ARGH! my new book damaged (thankfully wasnt my Jillian book hehe) and my phone dripping with water and doesnt appear to be working :( Then saturday nite i was in town by 6.30pm meeting the girls for Daynes bday...we went to the sportsmans bar...i had saved 11 points and i had 5 exercise points...i had a chicken burger (no fries) for dinner followed by 2 wines later in the evening. Then we headed over to the crazy horse...which is a strip bar...was a bloody interesting nite hahah but honestly...after a couple of hours of boobage it all starts looking the same ;) My friend Robyn was hilarious a kid at disneyland...i think she entertained me more then the naked girls did ! lol But i had a relatively early nite (this lack of iron makes me sooooo tired) so was home by 11.30pm. Today I went out for lunch with Tania, Dee and Sonya...went to cafe bocca and again i think i did very and tania shared a bruschette, had a raviolli in a tomato based sauce with spinach and sun dried tomatos followed by a hot chocolate. Possibly going out for dinner with mum and her hubby tonite...waiting for a reply to a email...lets see if i get one lol

Anyway its been a great weekend i have loved it and i am one very happy girl...this is what living is all I go...enjoy all !

Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday october 16

I am feeling very lucky and priviledged today. Lets see...yesterday i logged into my "wishlist points" these are points we earn at work for different awards etc...anyway i had enuff points for a 4GB i ordered a silver one...only problem is it wont be here till december 3 :( But so happy cos it cost me ZILCH...then i went into town after work wanting to buy some summer sandals that work would allow me to wear...seeing as last year i only just squeezed into a size 10 i had no luck buying i walked into the shoe store went to the size 10's saw a nice pair of tan sandals...tried them on ... too large ! woot! So found the size 9.5 ones and they fitted (maybe a lil too big on my right foot but they will do) so was very impressed with that...then went to dymocks to buy the first book in the millenium trilogy i bought it but the good news was i had $16 credit on my dymocks booklovers card so only cost me $8.95!!! I then went to the gym...25 minutes on the treadmill watching that hot seat show and the simpsons hahahha i love having tv on the treadmills (shame the chick next to me had her volume up so loud) Then i did PT...which was weights...let fiona know whats going on about the iron all went good there. Then headed off to the shops...did the grocery shopping...very minimal treats bought (think the only treats were 2 ww choc sundaes, soma snakatas and some ww fruit biscuits) and then headed home...and my JILLIAN MICHAELS book had arrived ! SO EXCITING! Then i got a message from Airlie (who reads my journal) and she is dropping into work today to drop off some clothes for me! YAY! Some more new clothes...tomorrow im off to buy some new very girlie bras yay yay

And tonite of course is weigh in nite...busting to get my expecting a loss of around 3 fingers crossed people i really dont wanna throw a tanty fit in the myer centre LOL

Tuesday me and ryan are taking a road trip ! LOL He has to go get his car repaired out at gawler and leave it there for a hour or so while the work is we are gonna go out to Gawler East...walk the kilometre or so into town for a coffee or drink and then walk the kilometre back lol ive never wandered around Gawler so should be interesting and get a couple of kilometres walk in as well ! Okies off i go...toodles

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What I forgot!

I forgot! Those size 20 jeans i got yesterday i tried them on and they FIT! Admittedly they are stretch jeans...but they fit..and fit perfectly admittedly. I was gonna go buy some new jeans this week but no need to now. And i am wearing a new top too..size 22 and i could easily have got into a size 20..tomorrow i plan on wearing my size 18 top wo0ot! VERY exciting !

Wednesday October 14

Well some decisions have been partly made (not that i wanted these decisions to be made but such is life) anyway went to my doc...and basically next thursday i need to go for another blood test to check my iron levels, then presuming the iron levels have not improved (he seems to think they will be worse) then they will put me on a public hospital waiting list for some surgery, i will be having a D & C and then presuming that goes well (and all in the same operation) they will do a endometrial ablasion. Apparantly this scars the tissue and stops you having a period...i would eventually have a period again but it gives the body a chance to build up my iron stores properly and not build them up for a few weeks and then lose those iron stores when i have TOM. At the moment he said i am just chasing my tail. Today i do feel better...did have a bit of a dizzy spell in the shower but i feel like i have a lot more energy thankfully (musta been all that spinach last nite LOL)

Foodwise i have been perfect still (go me) altho i havent done any exercise since saturday obviously, tonite when i get home i mite try and do even 15 or 20 minutes of my EA active wanna be a bit careful so i am fine for PT tomorrow nite. Anyway not much else going on...enjoy all

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday October 13

I am still home..i went to bed at 9pm last nite woke up quite often (as i tend to do when i have TOM) but woke still exhausted and with a headache but i bloody AM going to work tomorrow...BUT i got my things i bought of happy with them! They are all size 18-22 and one or two are a lil firm around the hips but the rest fit great...and one size 18 FITS me ! Admittedly its a autograph brand but hell...its a size 18 no number two in that size wooo hooo! I am very very impressed. So i now have 6 new tops hanging in my wardrobe and a new pair of jeans (size 20) the jeans will be a while before they fit me im sure (i didnt even bother to try them on lol) So now i am just waiting for my Jillian Michaels book to very very happy about all that.

Food is still going perfectly...and cannot wait for Friday nites weigh in.

Not much else going i go for another nap!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday October 12

Last night i made the spaghetti bolognaise out of the ww fast start book u get in week one - omg people! its the yummiest..either that or im a damn kick ass cook (and i am NOT lol)

TOM is making itself known....i can tell my iron levels have dropped this morning i had no energy and was having some dizzy spells...i spent the day in bed till about 1.30pm and feel so much better for it.

I am headed for a HUGE loss this week ! OMG keep your eyes on this journal come friday nite (hopefully i havent now jinxed myself lol) So not much else to report since ive done not much but lie in bed today lol altho i did text fiona this morning and say "i wont be in tonite" and the response was "whats wrong? are you okay?" lol think she thought id had another moment hehe oh and the quote i now have up the top of the page under "kazzs journey" thats a quote of something she recently sent to my mobile phone when i was having one of my moments lol...enjoy all =]

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday October 11

Well yay TOM arrived (said incredibly sarcasticly lol) Yesterday I was spot on with 21.5 points YAY...2 days down the track (i stuck to my points friday even tho i didnt weigh in till friday nite) and so far my scales have dropped about 1.8 my goal of 3 kilos is quite doable (what i normally lose when i get back on track after eating fatty foods) So yesterday going by my normal points i saved 3.5 points plus i earned 5 exercise points...not a bad damn effort. I have cramps at the moment but hopefully my stomach will settle down by this afternoon and i can get out there for a walk or do my EA active.

I stayed home last nite and i am really glad i did. If i had gone out for dinner i know i woulda had bruschetta and carbonara..and would have blown my points...and i feel so accomplished that i not only stayed under the fast track points...i was under by .5 (which meant altogether i saved 3.5 points from my normal points)

Next weekend should be a good one tho...its my friend Daynes birthday and she is planning for us all to go out to dinner then the crazy horse (strip joint) i have never been to a strip show so should be bloody educational ! LOL Then sunday i *think* some of us ww girls are meeting for should be good.

Not much else going i am relaxing...watching mad about you then some friends,,,enjoy all !

Saturday, October 10, 2009


^^^^ That is the one word to describe me today! Last nite i went to my appointment at the ww lifestyle centre...saw a lovely girl named Leah...she was so good. We talked quite a bit...altho she discovered i have been at this awhile and kept off most off my weight she didnt talk to me as if i knew everything yet she didnt go thru unnecessary basics. So after chatting i decided i will do fast start for this week...after that 2.5 kilos gain...i think a good solid loss would get my confidence back. I then told her how I am a very fussy eater...SO she suggested a plan. She told me to do some planning (thats not exactly new ive just never done it before) and anyway...set my meals so 5 points for breakfast, 6 points for lunch, 7 points for dinner, a 2 point snack in the morning a 2 point snack in the evening and after dinner a 0 point snack (so prolly diet cordial or a jelly) The reason she said this is cos i do eat carbs like they are going out of fashion and 0 point snacks are carbs free. She then plan 2 different breakfasts for 5 points, 3 different lunches for 6 points and 4 different dinners for 7 points. I have sat down and done this morning. She believes keeping it simple is the key, she said i dont have to keep to just those 4 dinners or whatever but if i introduce a new one remove one she explained not only will this save me money...i know my meals "i picked" are all 7 points...theres no drama with my point counting. And this way i know i will be spot on my points everyday. Of course i still will track (and she wants me bringing in my tracker next week lol) SO i have all the meals organised and now i will buy ONLY what i need YAY this feels good...i did kinda get stuck on the 2 point snacks tho...but i posted a thread on the forums so hopefully i get some decent ideas there. I have sat there and read all the books...and i will focus on exercising 5 times this week and drinking all my water. I am so determined to have a good loss next week. Of course the unfortunate thing is Leah was only filling in last nite :( she only works 9-5 so next week i am seeing someone called catherine but the week after i have friday off and made a appointment with Leah for that day at 1.40pm YAY

This morning i am shortly going to go and have my breakfast of scrambled egg on toast and then head off to the gym for a PT session of boxing.

Hope everyone has as fab a saturday as I am planning - enjoy all !

Friday, October 09, 2009

On the way to the gym last nite i stopped at mcdonalds - oops ! When i went to the gym feeling heavy as...i told fiona i had maccas...and then she said...ok i am gonna make you exercise till u throw up lol...anyway we were then talking about the chemicals etc in those type of foods and how they make u addicted cos i was telling her i was having some issues stopping eating all this crap food. After leaving the gym i came to some i am gonna keep my appointment with ww tonite and rejoin BUT i am also going to keep seeing the dietician...a couple of keeping the dieticians appointments its another day i HAVE to attend the gym, it will also keep their plan in my mind about eating mostly unprocessed foods, also they do measurements once a month. WW on the other hand i like the point system like i can work it into my main focus will be ww but ill take the advantage of the dietican too. And after talking to fiona i think i just need to break this bad have decided this weekend no going out...gonna tell my friends i am sick hehe and jsut "detoxise" from all the crap food. I know i can working eating out etc into the ww plan but i need to get rid of the cravings first. And to be honest i am looking forward to a weekend at home...tomorrow morning i have the gym but apart from that lots of relaxing, reading, foxtel watching and DECLUTTERING.

Before the gym last nite and after maccas lol i went into borders (bookstore) and saw this book which was part of the "millenium trilogy" and written by this swedish guy who died before they were published anyway they have sold like 13 million copies of this came home checked out the first book in the series...looks rather mite have to go purchase it.

Anyway off i go,...enjoy

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Thursday October 8

Well last night i wrote out a long post then someone clicked delete and lost the whole post LOL

Lets see...whats been going on...hmmm...well my eating has been crap :( really really bad indeeed! Today is the first time where i havent filled my gob with crappy food. This whole eating plan thing has confused the crap out of me part of me thinks go back to ww and the other part thinks stop being a quitter and stick to the gyms plan. I think tho what I am going to do is actually keep tuesdays appointment with my dietician...and tell her i dont wanna weigh again before November 1. I am gonna really up the exercise and jsut eat as i have been. I think this week ive prolly gained like 3 kilos or so. And then come November 1 see what the scales say (with the aim being to be under 131 kilos). Whilst the scales are important i dont think i wanna weigh every week on them...i wanna weigh once a month even if only for a few months on the same day i get measured. And stop letting the scales do my head in.

Went to the gym at the NEW premises last nite...all i can say is WOW i am in love with the new treadmills. They have colour screens which show u all the stats and u can watch tv on the lil screens...they also have lil fans on them which will be great for summer and they move so smoothly it seemed rather easy on them last nite. But the place is so nice and spacious I really love it. So last nite i did weights and i have very tired upper arms today :( tonite im planning to do 45 minutes on the treadmill followed by a boxing session. So getting back into it properly.

Saturday nite I am off out to dinner at the hackney hotel with friends i went to school with...already sussed out the menu...gonna have bruschetta and a beef salad yum yum and ONLY diet i was a lil bad last weekend with the champagne lol

Felicity deleted me from Facebook suspect leigh musta said something to her that i keep her loss...for the best i think...that said...i think for the best is no contact with either...i think they are both to drama filled.

Nothing else going on that I can think off except YAY its friday tomorrow !

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

OK i been a bit quiet lately eh?

Firstly to anyone who reads the 30 + boards i have been asked several times if i was ok after the threads by "lee" and i am perfectly fine :)

This past week i have stuffed around, eaten badly, not exercised. Enuff wasting o f time. I have made a appointment for friday nite at the myer plan is to do a mix up of myer centre sessions and meeting sessions as they work in with my days. I want to still primarily follow the slimplicity plan but work it in with the points to make sure i am not eating too much

Tonite i am off to the NEW gym...a new place for me to lose myself in ;) lol anyway got PT so will be doing a weights session, what i have decided is to only do a maximum of one weights session with fiona per week the rest of the PT sessions need to be cardio. Time to get serious again and the focus to be back on ME.

I bought Jillians latest book! I got it online...hopefully get it sometime this week its called "master your metabolism" exciting stuff...i also bought 7 items of clothing off oztion - 6 items from one person and the total cost for 6 items with postage was only $33! YAY bonus....they were brands like rockmans, beme, autograph, millers so looking forward to getting them too.

Okies time to do some work enjoy all !

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Sunday October 4

Mwuahahahhaha !

Okies lets back track ! 2 weeks ago...i was going from a morning to a evening weigh in...i checked the scales in the morning and had gained around 600 grams on my scales which i put down to fluid retention from being sick i also knew as i was going to weigh in the evening i would prolly gain another i weigh in at the gym...says ive lost 1.1 kilos and 8% body who am i to argue with a loss? I was very dubious off it tho. I then decided to throw my scales out...i weighed in last week after a week of perfect eating, drinking 3 litres of water most days and also did my exercise and in all honest expecting a minimum loss of 1 kilos but expecting i could go as high as 3 kilos...and i gained 2.5 kilos. This made NO sense to me...i knew it wasnt TOM, i knew it wasnt fluid retention, i knew it wasnt from muscle...there was no logical reason for that. Also the body fat jumped up 6% and my dietician said "last weeks weigh in must have been a anomoly" At this point my scales were still in my bin...i was still very confused...and so i commenced to eat...and eat....and eat....then this morning i was watching the US biggest loser episode i just downloaded and one of the guys said "the one thing i have learnt here is to finish" so at 2.20pm in the afternoon i dragged myself out of bed and thought right thats what i need to FINISH! So i went down stairs grabbed the scales out of the bin...wiped them down...and what was the weight? 130.6 kilos! (My kilos are usually only about 300 grams from the gyms scales) so after eating sodium like the world was running out of down on my scales by 1.4 kilos from 10 days ago...hmmmmm...u all thinking what im thinking? Well what i am thinking is i dont trust the gyms scales one iota. SO. I am gonna go to my dietican appointment on tuesday and get weighed and then i am gonna say i dont wanna be weighed again for another 3 weeks. In the meantime i plan to weigh in daily at home as i have done for the last 3 years. I plan to follow the diet plan i was on (cos i worked out once i take into account of my activity i should be on around 1700 calories) and i am just gonna see how i go. Im not gonna change my game play at all. The other thing i am gonna do for the next 3 weeks is i am gonna do 2 classes per week. Doesnt matter which two...but two a week for just a lousy 3 weeks. So what I will try and attend this week is one body pump class and one body balance class...that shouldnt strain me too much.

Ofest on friday afternoon (the work function) was great...they had jessica mauboy perform, tiffani wood from bardot and her band, plus they had a couple of other lil acts. I did discover the best mash and snags at it tho...ate 3 serves ! LOL the last serve i made my friend david go get it for me so they didnt think i was a pig hahhahahah :) Then i left there and went into town and met Jaimee for a few drinks which was nice..just sat back and chatted a bit. Saturday got my eyebrows waxed, did the grocery shopping and bought the cute lil red top in the pics in my previous post - which brings me to something else! How i dress! When i met Jaimee on friday nite she was like...your body shape has changed so much your top half is like a "normal" size...i then came home and looked at the pics on this post which were taken friday afternoon and thought oh she is just being nice thats not the case...then i saw this red top i bought at target...its not the type id normally wear...for one thing its red...another is its tight fitting and then sits at my hips...its not loose or baggy...but its the only top i could see that i even half i picked up a size 20 and went and tried it on - PERFECT fit ! And i looked at my self and was like wow...Jaimee is right...i do look rather small in it...i can see my waist and my shoulders look so normal it aint i have also come to the conclusion that maybe not skin tight but more fitted tops up top suit me better then baggy tshirts. I even emailed fiona a link to my progress pics so she can see...since she does half of the work ! LOL

Anyway then saturday night went out to dinner with Jaimee and Leigh....and all i gotta say is i am convinced Leigh is drama...she turns up...first thing she says to me is come to the wheaty next friday like why? Shes like im getting a group like who? She rattles of some names...and i say is felicity going? Shes like yeh...OMG seriously you want me to go out on a nite and socialise with her? You have GOT to be friggin kidding this morning i texted her and said...sorry wont be going ;) Anyway dinner was nice...i had a scotch fillet...was divine so got me a good dose of iron into me.

So the plan for the rest of the day is a pasta dish from the lil italian cafe down the road from me then a hour long walk after to do some chores around the house.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Progress Pics


October 3 2009

Super quick update with progress pics...will do a proper update tomorrow - I promise !

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Thursday October 1

Well 24 hours and things change LOL after yesterdays post i did suspend my membership...then told fiona to cancel last nites session...anyway following a few texts back and forwards between me and fiona and my membership is unsuspended and i was at the gym last nite ;) Im still not happy...and i am still concerned about what the bloody scales will show next week. I am gonna change my plan a lil...on the weekend i am gonna make some bircher muesli and see how i like that cos im bored to death with weetbix...and prolly have had fruit toast too often lately. I am also gonna cut my pasta down from 90 grams to 60 grams with my evening meal...everything else i am gonna keep as is...cos i fail to believe i am eating enuff to put on. This morning...i walked into the kitchen at work...and i am wearing this tshirt that says "yes it is all about me" and Dan says..."it might be all about you but theres becoming less and less of you for it to be about" lol I know the centimetres are coming off and with my being pissy about my weight gain this week i did omit that i lost 9 centimetres from my body during september including 2 centimetres of my thighs, i will see how things is tempting to say...lets go back to weighing once a month.

Tomorrow is going to be a awesome day...we work 9am till 12.15pm then we jump in the car and head out to the showgrounds...where there will be free drinks, food, and we just get the afternoon to spend with our work mates (while being paid!) may be a bit of a dangerous day food wise but oh well...if i do have some bad food at least if i have a gain next week i can explain it LOL THEN its the long weekend! YAY Dinner saturday nite with Jaimee and Leigh and sunday i am off to lunch with should be good.

I also bidded on some clothes on all from one girl so only one postage cost ... 3 tops won so far...oen lost...3 left to go lol so i mite have some new clothes in a few gonna go looking for some new jeans tonite too YAY

Okay off i go all...enjoy!