Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday October 13

I am still home..i went to bed at 9pm last nite woke up quite often (as i tend to do when i have TOM) but woke still exhausted and with a headache but i bloody AM going to work tomorrow...BUT i got my things i bought of oztion....so happy with them! They are all size 18-22 and one or two are a lil firm around the hips but the rest fit great...and one size 18 FITS me ! Admittedly its a autograph brand but hell...its a size 18 no number two in that size wooo hooo! I am very very impressed. So i now have 6 new tops hanging in my wardrobe and a new pair of jeans (size 20) the jeans will be a while before they fit me im sure (i didnt even bother to try them on lol) So now i am just waiting for my Jillian Michaels book to arrive...so very very happy about all that.

Food is still going perfectly...and cannot wait for Friday nites weigh in.

Not much else going on...off i go for another nap!

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