Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesday October 14

Well some decisions have been partly made (not that i wanted these decisions to be made but such is life) anyway went to my doc...and basically next thursday i need to go for another blood test to check my iron levels, then presuming the iron levels have not improved (he seems to think they will be worse) then they will put me on a public hospital waiting list for some surgery, i will be having a D & C and then presuming that goes well (and all in the same operation) they will do a endometrial ablasion. Apparantly this scars the tissue and stops you having a period...i would eventually have a period again but it gives the body a chance to build up my iron stores properly and not build them up for a few weeks and then lose those iron stores when i have TOM. At the moment he said i am just chasing my tail. Today i do feel better...did have a bit of a dizzy spell in the shower but i feel like i have a lot more energy thankfully (musta been all that spinach last nite LOL)

Foodwise i have been perfect still (go me) altho i havent done any exercise since saturday obviously, tonite when i get home i mite try and do even 15 or 20 minutes of my EA active wanna be a bit careful so i am fine for PT tomorrow nite. Anyway not much else going on...enjoy all

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