Wednesday, April 30, 2014

omg ANOTHER good day! These are becoming a habit - loving it!! lol Yesterday I burnt 1154 calories I cannot remember the last time I have burnt that much. I went to the gym...did 20 minutes on the xtrainer...then a 45 minute RPM class...then a 30 minute PT session of boxing and then at the very end of the session she had me do two 45 second running intervals on the treadmill. After the runs my trainer says about me doing the city to bay and beating my time i did when i previously did it...i was like....when did i say i was doing that??? lol she was like you told me you were going apparantly i may be running it this year (its a 12km run). There is a running group at the tempted to join....i know the instructor so thats all good....but im not a good group person (as im shy initially) and im soooooooooooooo seriously a that puts me off. So we will have a think about it. I know they are training for the mothers day classic at the moment so no point joining sure they will advertise it a bit more prior to them commencing training for the city to bay.

Food wise things are going really good. Restricting myself to a maximum of 2 slices of bread per day (I still have weetbix for breakfast) but restricting the bread really seems to keep my carb cravings in check, I really am not having the cravings at all. So for the first time in a long time I think I will make progress as long as I keep things up.

My PT sessions have now changed to later in the evening on both tuesday and thursday nights (6.30pm for both) which works better....also means on those nites when time allows it (when i finish work 4pm or earlier) I can do a RPM class before PT. So tomorrow night Ill do RPM and then PT and friday Ill do some cardio (thinking some stair climbing and xtrainer) followed by PT. As i am working till 5pm all next week,,,next weeks workouts wont be as much as this week (i just need to make the most of my time the weeks i can be there earlier) will look like this:

monday : 30 minutes boxing + 60 mins body balance (I may not be able to make the boxing but ill try and get there on time)
tuesday : 20 minutes cardio + PT
wednesday :
thursday : 20 mins cardio + PT
friday : PT
saturday : Body pump

Then the week after i finish work at 3.30pm so i will be able to make crap loads of classes so i guess it will all balance out lol in the end

Okies of I go - enjoy all!

Monday, April 28, 2014

More weight work or not....

Things are going pretty good at the moment :)

Food is good. Ive taken a few days of this week which is enabling me to have some extra gym time :) Today I did pump and balance. Tomorrow I am doing RPM and PT session of cardio, and wednesday body pump at lunchtime then will be back to the gym for RPM in the evening. My main concern at the moment is if i am doing enough weight work. While this week I am doing pump quite a few a general rule I only manage to do pump once a week at the most (the times just dont work well with work and my PT sessions), then I do one weight session with my trainer and one stability/strength session (its really more stability work then strength) so I am a lil I really doing everything I could be doing for success...

I ordered some quest bars friday morning (they come from the US) and they arrived this morning! They are at work waiting for me :) How quick service is that????

Not much else is going on...things are going good...altho I suspect my nutrition still needs slightly more fine tuning....but thats something I am still pondering on :)

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Good vibes and LJ Shopping :)

I feel like I am in such a good place today :) The funny thing is the scales are the same as they were 2 weeks ago. On thursday night I said to my trainer....only lost 100 grams this week. She was like yes but think of the other gains you had this week. After my issue with the assisted dip machine early in the week I was like I dont feel I trained good this week. She was like you went back to RPM class (hadnt done it due to various reasons for about 5-6 weeks) conquered box ran on the treadmill...and maybe your lean mass changed as was still a good week.

Someone elses perspective eh? Its needed sometimes. Its been surprising to me I had such a small loss this week considering how well I have eaten but if I just continue it will go down again.

The conquering those box jumps (even tho they were awfully low) was huge to me. I have felt for a long time...this is it...I cannot do what I use too and nothing improves....when we first went to do the box jumps my response was "NO" so I feel very accomplishing (is that a word?) at the moment :)

Today I did body pump....then I went shopping at Lorna Jane! I havent bought clothes from there for sooooooooooooooooooooooo long! I tried about 9 tops on lol. I bought one of their mandy tshirts (best t shirts i love them) and then I bought two tank tops....Ive attached pics below....they were both size large but I am so happy to have some nice workout tops that fit me again - it will hopefully help me feel a bit better at the gym!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Box Jumps and other stuff!

So I went to the gym last night and it was kinda a big night! :)

As I mentioned in my other post yesterday I was not going to say "I dont like this" so the session starts and my trainer LOL. She sets it up so its on the lowest step it can be on and I swear to gawd it took me like 10 minutes of talking myself into it to be able to do one baby box jump lol.

Then she says to me after i had done about 6...keep doing them but jump as high as you can. So I do. So she raises the step one level. I swear it took me another 5 minutes to convince myself to do it again but at the higher level LOL. But I did do it in the end. My trainer was like...that gave me tingles up my spine haha.

So then she is like...10 box jumps then 10 burpees (against the step) then 6 walking planks..survived that! lol Then she is like...we are going to run on the treadmill UGH...the one blessing was she said I could hold on when running but not when walking. So I ended up doing some 30 second sprints at speeds between7 and 8.5 which is HUGE for me (I know its not fast for others but is for me) and some of the running she had me doing at a incline of 5 as well...thought it was going to kill me. I was a lil concerned about flying off the end of the treadmill but especially when she had me on the incline i was more concerned with my I survived that lol. Then we did some sideplanks.

I did manage to get to the 20 minute mark of the session before i said "i dont like this" hah ;)

In the beginning my trainer said we are doing everything you really dont like...that she wants to conquer my fears so our sessions can run smoother. Then after she was like did you like that session? I was like actually yeh....i prefer doing circuit style then cardio equipment. She was surprised! lol She said she thought I would walk out and cancel my membership LOL

But I feel good...I feel like last nights session was accomplishing :)

I did weigh in....same weight as 2 weeks ago....oh well...hopefully a better loss next week!

Happy anzac day all :)

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Negative attitude

My negative attitude at the gym really needs some focus. I think I mentioned yesterday I say "I dont like this" a lot - and when I say a lot...I mean for every exercise I do...well practically every exercise I do....I think about the only one I dont do it for is chest press lol. So I really need to stop doing that. When I was talking to my trainer last night I was saying "I will never be the person who enjoys the gym" and she replied the amount of times you say "I dont like this" I believe that - oops! But when I went home and was thinking about it I use to LOVE body combat (too bad I fall over in that class too much), boxing, body pump and body balance...I really use to enjoy them. I use to enjoy running think I use to run 10kms every saturday seems insane....I doubt I could run 3kms at the moment LOL and I use to love the running. Of course being terrified of treadmills these days doesnt help altho all my running use to be outdoors with fiona...and I do get tempted to see if fiona wants to start running again but its basically a "training session" which is $50 a session and really with doing 3 PT sessions a week whilst I could manage it...I think that may leave things too tight for comfort.

I jumped on the scales this morning...hadnt been on them for nearly 2 weeks...and there was only 100 grams different to what I weighed at last weigh in :( Not saying its not deserved last week with easter I did have hot x buns, lindt gold bunnies etc...but I still did expect a loss. I will monitor things over the next few days....Ive been snacking on fruit...but maybe I should make one of those snacks a protein based snack. I will see how things pan out the next few days.

Tomorrow it is Anzac Day but I am working. Then I have 5 days off YAY :) I am going to go to some classes during the day on my days off .... I really need to focus on "gym positivity!" lol

Tonight I am off for PT and then the gym is closed tomorrow and back on saturday morning for pump and balance - have a good public holiday all :)

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Assisted dips machine = ugh!

So saturday night I decided it was time to get my eating back to how it was several years ago. So back to clean eating. The big thing with this is limiting my bread intake! I have been eating 4-5 slices a day when I was successfully losing my weight I was limiting it to 2 slices a day. So back to that and limiting my processed food (and upping my fruit and vegies)

I wasnt expecting it to be too hard - but I was wrong! I am sure its just the eating less sugar due to the bread. I have also cut back on my diet coke (but am still drinking it). I have had a mix of sore stomach (I think when I cut back on the diet coke then had one it didnt like it), headaches, tiredness etc. I feel better today but lets see how I am by this afternoon (thats when it is worse)

Last night I gymmed it....45 minutes on the cross trainer then 30 minutes of PT (weights). Burnt a total of 501 calories. Tonight I am doing RPM then 30 minute PT session (strength and stability work) . My arms are a bit sore today...she was very mean to my triceps :( She wanted me to use the assisted dips machine which I had never used before OMG that thing is terrifying! lol. I was like a baby on it "can I not just do ordinary tricep dips?" trainer was like "oh this is like the treadmill...we going to need to do babysteps" lol And I must say I hate that....hate being scared of stuff and hate feeling incompetent :(

Anyway thats enuff for today - enjoy all! :)

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy easter all :)

Happy easter all!

I am having no easter treats this weekend. I had half a hot cross bun on wednesday (a caramel flavoured one...who knew they came in such flavours!) and then 2 small hot x buns on thursday....then work gave us a 100 gram egg on wednesday (thats 500 calories right there!) and then thursday work gave us a lindt gold bunny also 100 I have overeaten hot x buns and chocolate even before the weekend started lol. So i figure enough is more for me this year :)

Foodwise things are going pretty good. (Apart from the easter treats! lol) Exercise wise things are going pretty good...but it is actually time to up the ante! I really need to do a hour of cardio per day...on top of things like PT. I dont want to go back to the extremes of exercise I did when I lost the weight previously...but I think what I am doing is currently not where it should be. Ive not been 100% this week so I am taking this long weekend to rest so once tuesday comes I can throw myself into it. This weeks exercise will look like this:

monday : rest
tuesday : 45 minutes RPM + 30 minutes PT (weights)
wednesday : 30 minutes PT (cardio) and 60 minutes cardio (mix of xtrainer, rower, stairs etc)
thursday : 30 minutes PT (strength & stability) and 60 minutes cardio (mix of xtrainer, rower, stairs etc)
friday : 6km walk
saturday : 60 minutes body pump + 60 minutes body balance

One of my big goals currently is to get back to running on the treadmill. Ever since I fell I am terrified of it. I have avoided it like a plague altho Tamika has still had me go on it at times...only a few minutes at a time. But funnily enough I have walked on it faster and with a higher incline then I ever did before the fall...but I am just too terrified to do it alone. I really want to get back to feeling comfortable enough to run on thats a bit of a thing currently.

My calories I am changing slightly this week (after discussion with Tamika) I am slightly increasing my calories on days I do will look like this:

monday : 1300
tuesday : 1450
wednesday : 1300
thursday : 1450
friday : 1450
saturday : 1800
sunday : 1300

As you can see it is basically calorie cycling....initially I was doing 1300 monday to friday and 1800 on both saturday and sunday.....its essentially the same calories just balanced a lil will see how that goes....not just on the weight loss front but how I feel in my workouts.

Enjoy your weekend all!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

All going good!

While I am not updating daily or anything I do want to post the occassional post. Things are going pretty good.

The scales went down this week...was a good loss (I am trying to not focus on numbers so lets just say it was a respectable loss!)

I had really bad DOMs in my triceps this week...specifically my right tricep so I went easy exercise wise this week. I did my PT sessions (I do 3 sessions a week) but didnt do anything else. Ive never had DOMs like that before and my triceps still feel a lil tight but MUCH better then this time last week :)

With my 3 PT sessions I now do one weight session, one cardio session and one strength/stability session. My trainer has decided she will have me doing all things I hate so I will gain more confidence so I wont be concerned when doing things like her boxing class lol. Last night we were doing strength/stability and she commented I am improving...I am definitely more confident with those sessions so its really good - its a aspect of my training that really isnt about weight loss...its all about increasing my mobility and making my balance better - so it is kinda a unmeasurable part of it all...but its something in my day to day life that it will impact.

Foodwise I am doing focus at the moment is to try different foods...different recipes...I have one for a Haloumi & Quinoa salad I will try tomorrow night. And I think thats a good enough update! lol Enjoy all :)

Saturday, April 05, 2014


Well a lot has been happening :) I recently deleted did a mass clean out of my facebook page...not because I wasnt happy with anyone or anything but with so many followers and at times opinions on what I should or shouldnt do with my weight loss i was putting some unrealistic pressures on myself. After having a mini break down and telling my trainer I wouldnt be training for a week I went in and had a chat to her. By the end of the conversation we had agreed I wouldnt do anything weight loss related for a no tracking of my facebook. It was a very enlightening week! I discussed it regularly with my trainer over that week which I think made me more aware of what these changes had done for me :) I came to the conclusion that facebook doesnt enhance my doesnt add to it. So i decided I would delete everyone I didnt know personally, which I did this week. I am back on fb now....but certainly not as often as I was before :) I did track my food for the one was a lil hard not to do....but I did avoid weighing in for 11 days...which was a bit huge for me....and I think that had some positives...and I am only planning to weigh weekly from now on.

My brain/mind feels a lot calmer. I dont feel so manic about my weight loss. Since I had that chat with my trainer....I have been doing much better...very much on track (I am eating 1300 calories 5 days a week and 1800 calories 2 days a week) which I feel is working well.

With that said....I also decided to increase to 3 PT sessions a week...which is the same as I use to do with Fiona when things were going so well :) So now I do PT tuesday, thursday and friday nights. Tuesday nights we do weights, thursday nights we do cardio (boxing, circuit style stuff) and friday we do a mix of stability strength work. My PT sessions are going good....and especially the stability work I am getting more confident with.

I really need to work more on my confidence in attending classes. I am attending them altho not consistently cos i get so anxious about them but I am working on that.

I am SLOWLY making strides with the treadmill...after falling off it and falling flat on my face I have dreaded using it again....but my trainer keeps throwing me on it lol....tells me I cannot fear a machine. Last night I did manage to walk on it at a speed of 5 and 5.5 for a few minutes....didnt fall....she seems to think I will be running again on it at some point...cannot say I am so keen on that! LOL

My current weight is 99.9 kilos....I am honestly a lot more settled now....its not a race....I am not going to suddenly wake up a size we will take this slowly and patiently :)