Thursday, April 24, 2014

Negative attitude

My negative attitude at the gym really needs some focus. I think I mentioned yesterday I say "I dont like this" a lot - and when I say a lot...I mean for every exercise I do...well practically every exercise I do....I think about the only one I dont do it for is chest press lol. So I really need to stop doing that. When I was talking to my trainer last night I was saying "I will never be the person who enjoys the gym" and she replied the amount of times you say "I dont like this" I believe that - oops! But when I went home and was thinking about it I use to LOVE body combat (too bad I fall over in that class too much), boxing, body pump and body balance...I really use to enjoy them. I use to enjoy running think I use to run 10kms every saturday seems insane....I doubt I could run 3kms at the moment LOL and I use to love the running. Of course being terrified of treadmills these days doesnt help altho all my running use to be outdoors with fiona...and I do get tempted to see if fiona wants to start running again but its basically a "training session" which is $50 a session and really with doing 3 PT sessions a week whilst I could manage it...I think that may leave things too tight for comfort.

I jumped on the scales this morning...hadnt been on them for nearly 2 weeks...and there was only 100 grams different to what I weighed at last weigh in :( Not saying its not deserved last week with easter I did have hot x buns, lindt gold bunnies etc...but I still did expect a loss. I will monitor things over the next few days....Ive been snacking on fruit...but maybe I should make one of those snacks a protein based snack. I will see how things pan out the next few days.

Tomorrow it is Anzac Day but I am working. Then I have 5 days off YAY :) I am going to go to some classes during the day on my days off .... I really need to focus on "gym positivity!" lol

Tonight I am off for PT and then the gym is closed tomorrow and back on saturday morning for pump and balance - have a good public holiday all :)

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Joanne Perrett said...

your doing well keep up the good work, I started walking today so am making it a daily think to get back into shape