Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Assisted dips machine = ugh!

So saturday night I decided it was time to get my eating back to how it was several years ago. So back to clean eating. The big thing with this is limiting my bread intake! I have been eating 4-5 slices a day when I was successfully losing my weight I was limiting it to 2 slices a day. So back to that and limiting my processed food (and upping my fruit and vegies)

I wasnt expecting it to be too hard - but I was wrong! I am sure its just the eating less sugar due to the bread. I have also cut back on my diet coke (but am still drinking it). I have had a mix of sore stomach (I think when I cut back on the diet coke then had one it didnt like it), headaches, tiredness etc. I feel better today but lets see how I am by this afternoon (thats when it is worse)

Last night I gymmed it....45 minutes on the cross trainer then 30 minutes of PT (weights). Burnt a total of 501 calories. Tonight I am doing RPM then 30 minute PT session (strength and stability work) . My arms are a bit sore today...she was very mean to my triceps :( She wanted me to use the assisted dips machine which I had never used before OMG that thing is terrifying! lol. I was like a baby on it "can I not just do ordinary tricep dips?" trainer was like "oh this is like the treadmill...we going to need to do babysteps" lol And I must say I hate that....hate being scared of stuff and hate feeling incompetent :(

Anyway thats enuff for today - enjoy all! :)

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