Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy easter all :)

Happy easter all!

I am having no easter treats this weekend. I had half a hot cross bun on wednesday (a caramel flavoured one...who knew they came in such flavours!) and then 2 small hot x buns on thursday....then work gave us a 100 gram egg on wednesday (thats 500 calories right there!) and then thursday work gave us a lindt gold bunny also 100 I have overeaten hot x buns and chocolate even before the weekend started lol. So i figure enough is more for me this year :)

Foodwise things are going pretty good. (Apart from the easter treats! lol) Exercise wise things are going pretty good...but it is actually time to up the ante! I really need to do a hour of cardio per day...on top of things like PT. I dont want to go back to the extremes of exercise I did when I lost the weight previously...but I think what I am doing is currently not where it should be. Ive not been 100% this week so I am taking this long weekend to rest so once tuesday comes I can throw myself into it. This weeks exercise will look like this:

monday : rest
tuesday : 45 minutes RPM + 30 minutes PT (weights)
wednesday : 30 minutes PT (cardio) and 60 minutes cardio (mix of xtrainer, rower, stairs etc)
thursday : 30 minutes PT (strength & stability) and 60 minutes cardio (mix of xtrainer, rower, stairs etc)
friday : 6km walk
saturday : 60 minutes body pump + 60 minutes body balance

One of my big goals currently is to get back to running on the treadmill. Ever since I fell I am terrified of it. I have avoided it like a plague altho Tamika has still had me go on it at times...only a few minutes at a time. But funnily enough I have walked on it faster and with a higher incline then I ever did before the fall...but I am just too terrified to do it alone. I really want to get back to feeling comfortable enough to run on thats a bit of a thing currently.

My calories I am changing slightly this week (after discussion with Tamika) I am slightly increasing my calories on days I do will look like this:

monday : 1300
tuesday : 1450
wednesday : 1300
thursday : 1450
friday : 1450
saturday : 1800
sunday : 1300

As you can see it is basically calorie cycling....initially I was doing 1300 monday to friday and 1800 on both saturday and sunday.....its essentially the same calories just balanced a lil will see how that goes....not just on the weight loss front but how I feel in my workouts.

Enjoy your weekend all!

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