Saturday, April 12, 2014

All going good!

While I am not updating daily or anything I do want to post the occassional post. Things are going pretty good.

The scales went down this week...was a good loss (I am trying to not focus on numbers so lets just say it was a respectable loss!)

I had really bad DOMs in my triceps this week...specifically my right tricep so I went easy exercise wise this week. I did my PT sessions (I do 3 sessions a week) but didnt do anything else. Ive never had DOMs like that before and my triceps still feel a lil tight but MUCH better then this time last week :)

With my 3 PT sessions I now do one weight session, one cardio session and one strength/stability session. My trainer has decided she will have me doing all things I hate so I will gain more confidence so I wont be concerned when doing things like her boxing class lol. Last night we were doing strength/stability and she commented I am improving...I am definitely more confident with those sessions so its really good - its a aspect of my training that really isnt about weight loss...its all about increasing my mobility and making my balance better - so it is kinda a unmeasurable part of it all...but its something in my day to day life that it will impact.

Foodwise I am doing focus at the moment is to try different foods...different recipes...I have one for a Haloumi & Quinoa salad I will try tomorrow night. And I think thats a good enough update! lol Enjoy all :)

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Jackie Birch said...

Had to google what DOM is, have learnt something new, have an awesome week :)