Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Welllllllllllllllllllll measuring has been done and i do have some good news :) im showing a weight loss of 900 grams....which means this week ill prolly only lose 200 body fat has dropped by .3%. I didnt lose anything from my arms, waist and thighs, off my boobs i lost 1 cm (of course LOL) off my hips 1cm and off my stomach,,,,,8cms !!!! So i feel a lot better about things not expecting over 200 grams this week so i wont be disappointed...but at least i now know curves is doing what i expected. So onwards with this month :)

Monday, February 26, 2007

Have you ever had one of those days where you shouldnt have gotten out of bed? Boy oh boy ive had one of them today.

Went to curves this morning (this was the only part of my day thats really been good lol) Spoke to one of the girls there...i said how my losses had reduced dramatically. She told me some people in the first month actually put on weight...and i have lost so to stop stressing...she said i am prolly builing muscle mass...but she wants me to wait to my measuring on wednesday then discuss it more. I also got on the scales there. Now last time i weighed there was january 28, i wore jeans and my normal boots (the boots dont weigh a lot) i weight around 148.3 on their scales. On the same day at ww i weighed 150.9. Today i was wearing my sneakers and work out gear and my weight was 145.4 which does indicate a bit of a loss to me. But we will see how i got when i get my measurements done and weigh in on friday...i do feel better tho.

Then i went home for a ready for work...walked out the door...realised id left something went back in and closed the door and looked at my hands...and realised my keys werent in it...i swore i look at the door and the keys werent in the door either and after checking my handbag came to the conclusion id locked the keys in my house. gawd i went into total stress mode...i am the biggest stresser...had to go to the shops to call a locksmith (well to call mum who called one) ...called work...went to mums...then home waited out the front for 10 minutes or so and then thought ill check the front door...well for goodness sakes there were the damn keys !!! So ran inside...called the locksmith and cancelled them...felt like a complete fool...and then finally got on with my day !

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Well feeling better today (even with a 7am start lol) one of the managers at work asked me how my weight loss is going today i was saying how im at curves now...and she was like i can really see it in ur face and shoulders. I decided to bite the bullet and post some more photos...i think there is a difference...but maybe im just dreaming LOL...but i think my boobs are sitting higher and i think my face definitely looks thinner and even i think my waist a here we go with them

Todays photos


Photos from early january


And god April

Anyway here they are in there not so glory lol...i am interested to see what others think tho....

Friday, February 23, 2007

Well...funny how nitemares can kinda become true. Ive actually been dreading writing this post. I went to weigh in this morning in all honesty i didnt think there would be a doubt id be under 150 kilos and with the work id put in i expected over a kilo to be honest. So i was very disappointed and pissed off when i saw a loss of only 200 grams (yanno the story of the tortoise and the hare...i certainly seem to be the tortoise...and when i get to that hare im gonna strangle his neck LOL) So i left the meeting and was jacked kept thinking all that work for a measly 200 grams (and tania was thinking i know exactly how tania felt that other week - maybe you should forward back to me the email i sent you at the time LOL) Anyway i had been planning to go to target and check out their gym equipment and then do the grocery shopping...but after the meeting initially i was thinking stuff going home to get out of this heat...but after arguing with myself and KNOWING i need to go get the groceries or id stuff this week off i went off and did that. I went to target and they had a biggest loser stepper which i had watched laura use the nite before thinking i need one of i got it...and then headed off to do the grocery shopping...the whole time mulling over the past week in my head. I then looked at my book...jan 29...the day i signed up to curves i lost 1.6 kilos...i then missed a week cos of my work schedule...the following week i lost 500 grams and then this week...200 if you look at it since joining curves my losses have dropped to a average of 200-250 grams. I then got thinking to a friend of mine emmy...who when she started curves she actually had sizeable gains...i know im building muscle...even this week when i havent been but ive been doing my reps with the tomato soup cans...i can feel my upper arms. Theyre not sore but i can "feel" them a ache...or theyre heavy....i guess the real telling story will be when i get measured...altho yanno i dont feel like ive lost much in inches but i havent measured myself so i dont truly know. But i decided that this is just a test...and im gonna gonna track this week and take my points down to 26 points...since they will drop soon as im under 150 gonna go back to curves on monday. and the days i dont do curves im gonna do my lil cardio work out during biggest loser being the only day i wont do exercise is saturday. So while im pissed about the small loss i am gripping very tightly on to the fact its cos of the exercising (i hope this is true and not just some justification in my head) Anyway so we will see how i next weigh in will be next not going to put pressure on me but i am gonna aim for 300 wish me luck !

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Well dammit to hell i had a nitemare !!! Good lawd !!! I dreamed i was back up at 154.5 when i weighed in LOL...a gain of 4.1 kilos LOL now im pretty damn positive i wont have that gain...i hope its not a indication im not gonna lose tho =[

I finished that book...a million little pieces...sooooo good...but he kinda wrapped the ending up to fast i thought. But he has another book out my friend leonard which is about one of his friends he met in rehab, so mite try and get that. Ive been enjoying going to bed and reading for half an hour or so before sleep...altho the other nite...went to bed at 12.30am,,,,read for it thing looked at the clock and was nearly 2am LOL goddamnit !!!!

So tomorrow is the big weigh in day i so hopeeeeeeeeeee i get a good result. i see in the target catalogue they got a fitness ball with arm weight thingies...biggest loser brand so i mite go check that out.

Am eating my slightly burnt home made pizza LOL...tonite im gonna get the ingreditents to make low point scones mmmmmmmmm

Okies off i go enjoy ya day....everyone keep ya fingers n toes crossed for tomorrow !

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Well went to my letter box today and woot a couple of surprises. The first being a letter from foxtel telling me i won $22.22 on there tv1cash prizes which i knew id got 10 out of 10 but i really wondered if id ever hear from them. Then also flybuys sent me my statement and i could redeem a $20 voucher for target.

I did 50 reps again with the soup cans and 15 minutes of yay me !!! I made all good choices today so im really feeling confident of a good loss this week. I am feeling quietly confident of getting under 150 kilos (lawd hope i dont fall on my face) LOL

Oh that book i bought a million different getting close to the good...if u wanna good read (in my best molly meldrum voice) "do yaself a favour" and get it !!!!

okies off i gooooooooo ni ni !!!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Well its been a interesting 4 or 5 days. I ended up going to the docs friday afternoon for him to tell me i had pinched a nerve in my shoulder and basically i needed to not lift anything and rest it and to not go to the gym for a week or so. Initially i was very frustrated after just getting into the exercise routine. Saturday and Sunday i did rest it. Sunday night I decided it was time to exercise a lil so while biggest loser was on for 30 minutes i did front kicks...omg my upper legs killed and my heart rate was up and i was tired but i sure as hell lasted for 3o minutes. Today i did the same thing but i also did some resistance stuff for my arm. i havent been using my left arm as much (it feels like a dead arm) so i did 50 reps with 2 x 500 grams of soup. Whilst i dont think i could do a full curves session at the moment i thought it was important to start to get strength up in my arm. I also last nite had the worst cravings for instead of letting it building up n then having thick pizza with chocolate brownies and garlic bread etc...i ordered a thin style and pepsi max and then of course did my exercises after. Which i think was a really good way to deal with things. And even though i had the pizza i still feel like i can have a good loss this week. So with luck i will be under 150 kilos. weeeeeeeeeee which would be great and would also put me at a loss of 21 kilos or we will see how it goes. But its funny now how its getting more in my mind about being healthy then just numbers on the scales. The fact i can do 30 minutes of exercise feels a real accomplishment in itself. I am even starting to think about what exercises in the future i wanna do. My exercise goal is when im under 100 kilos i wanna do dance classes again (just once or twice a week...modern dance or something) id also like to take some tennis lessons or play netball. Will depend by the time i get there and what i can work in with work hours.

BTW Airlie so good to find ur site again and ty so much about my 20 kilos loss =]

Okies off i go...oh and omg so sad jillian isnt on biggest loser still...lil spunkee thing she is and woooo hoooo kelly got eliminated !!!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Well the news is i lost...the other news is i didnt lose by lots. But i am happy. i mean a week ago i was thinking i couldnt do this after having a bad week where im sure i prolly put on half a i lost 400 grams this week which i am pleased with. I have been waking this week with a sore shoulder and taking pain killers to get thru the day,,,but today i woke and its a lot worse (after using a heating pad) the pain is all down my arm and also my neck a lil so this afternoon im off to the docs (great way to spend a day off with this stinking heat) but i need to get it checked out...depending what he says i may not go to the gym this week...i may just do my exercises to biggest loser each day...and OMG did u see? a lesbian on biggest loser,,,,yay !! about time. LOL. Although i did read rumours that jillian is gay. She apparantly owns a gym in NY with another woman who is supposedly her wonder i thought jillian is spunky LOL that was my gaydar going off LOL but then again thats never been too accurate so who knows...okies off i go

Thursday, February 15, 2007

OMG so hot today...gawd this heat is horrid ill be so glad for winter. Well tomorrow is it...weigh in day...hope it goes well my jeans feel looser so i need to remind myself even if the weigh in doesnt go as good as expected im sure when im measured again on the 28th. Its great how loose my jeans feel...and surprising cos i havent had any muscle pain in my lower half from the gym. Altho my upper half seems to be achey a lot LOL Okies just a quick post...wish me luck tomorrow - toodles !!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

omg another post who woulda thought it LOL im actually really pooped...i know ill sleep like a baby tonight but my posts are usually so rushed at work so thought id do one from home tonite.

I went to the gym...was nearly tempted not to go as i got off a call late from work and had to dash out to make the bus and omg this is the lamest excuse ever....but i was busting for the grrls room...yup u heard it right i was doing the PP dance LOL as i had a bbq to go to after the gym i was so tempted to go home...GO TO THE LOO and shower and change and go to the bbq...but i thought no im sure theres a toilet there...and yes of course there was LOL so then i did my workout and man i was pumping those twiddling my thumbs and my upper body and arms ache LOL by the time i finished and got changed i was feeling it and i was sweating. And in the middle of the circuit they have this table theres always signs and stuff on it well today as it was valentines day they had a selection of beaded bracelets, some were pink, some were blue and we got to keep one, anyway i grabbed this multiculour one...rather cute...see pic below lol

Then i went to mums for dinner...i went over my points by 3.5 points...but had earnt 8 points in exercise which i could use 4 of so i still have .5 left. So I ate turkey with baked potato and light sour cream and pasta and egg salad and 3 nuggets LOL

Was a nice dinner but by that point i was tired and just wanting to go home. On the ww site there are 3 of us very close in weight...we are having a lil competition to our next goal...BUT i may be in trouble depends on fridays weigh in...i really really hope it goes well...ill be disappointed if with all this exercise i dont lose a lil bit at least

Okies my bed is really calling me...hugssss ni ni all =]
Well last night didnt quite go to plan. I was home 5 minutes when the phone rang and mum was having problems with her nortons and as she has crappy nortons 2007 which im not familiar with i had to go around and in the end i had to uninstall it and reinstall it...and finally by this morning everything was done. But of course i was starving...and ended up having dinner over there which was far from points friendly...was sausages, chips, a egg, and these pastries filled with spinich and ricotta - eek. Well whats done is done...nothing i can do about it. Tonite i finish at 5.30pm and then off to the gym...mum invited me over for a bbq after which is chicken roll and salad...but i may not go...see how tired i am after the gym.

Everything else is going good...i noticed under my arms thru to my back so i KNOW i did work hard on monday like i mentioned the other day and i plan on working those machines hard again tonite. Then if i dont go to mums...a nice bowl of pasta.

Tania i forgot to mention in my email for belysimi's website address or however u spell her username LOL...if you see this can you send please :)

That book ive been reading has turned out very interesting,,,,he is going thru rehab for drug and alcohol abuse...and what does he fill the void of the addiction with? yep u guessed it --- food. While its not a book on weight loss really quite interesting to see that.

Okies just about lunchtime so off i go !

Monday, February 12, 2007

yay another good day and i still feel so psyched its amazing. Woke up and treated myself to a hot cross bun, and then in my first break ate a ww cake (has anyone tried these? yum yum) and a mandarin. Tonite I am planning on making tacos yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and am off to curves tonite as well hopefully be home in time for biggest loser. I know everyone is saying its not healthy weight loss but seeing them working out etc really motivates me. Am reading a great new called a million little pieces by james frey. Was a oprah book club book...and had a lot of controversy over whether it was all a true story or not...but ooooo its about a guy who has a alcohol and drug addiction and he wakes up on a plane all injured after days of a drunken and drugged haze and his family meets him and takes him to a rehab only up to page 81 but really really good sofar

I watched a episode of greys anatomy last nite...think i have a new show...LOL okies off i go...and gawd i hope courtney gets kicked off biggest loser tonite !!!!


Went to curves and as i walked in someone yelled out hello karyn...turned out it was this lady i used to work with in the ended up chatting to her a lil while working out. And omg i worked so hard i was really pumping those machines...then i raced home for biggest loser...lawd i didnt realise courtney had immunity...and poor alex going home...but he looks good with how much weight he has lost, and OMG i think i could have a crush on jillian,.....she is so damn spunky !

Okies off i go...lawdie im tired tonite

Sunday, February 11, 2007

I am soooooo psyched right now. Went out to dinner with my mum & co...had a nice pasta then came home and raced inside for the biggest loser weigh ins (omg i was sooooo happy that courtney had the smallest loss and alex the highest loss on the red time...i hope to god they send courtney home tomorrow nite)Anyway so from8.15pm 8.42pm to be exact LOL i marched and did leg kicks and hip swings. I enjoyed it so much better then walking. The walking hurts the base of my feet. So thats 2 days in a row of exercise and tomorrow nite im off to curves weeeeeeeeeeeeeee maybe this friday i can have a good result. i feel really really good about things. Anyway gonna go eat my ww ice cream and guzzle some more water before going to bed to read for a bit (drank 1.8 litres yesterday !!)

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Update ! Update !

Wellllllllllll went for my walk !!! and it didnt take me 40 minutes....did it in 20 minutes ! i walked at a real solid pace no dawdling and my feet hurt but i did it LOL...and thats it...i am going to exercise everyday this week. Then i FINALLY bought my new handbag...and went to the hairdressers LOL my hair colour is even lighter now and next time...she is gonna blonde all my hair lol omg ill have the perfect excuse for all the dumb shit i do....but im blonde !! LOL

Anyway came home....and retried on the jeans i bought from katies at xmas that i couldnt get over my ass and wooo hooo they not only fit over my ass... they do up !!! i think this was just the boost i need. im tossing up whether to go to the movies or not...that movie isnt on till the 14th gawd im duh sometimes..but dreamgirls is on...but then i bought this new book i wouldnt mind reading...decisions decisions !

Thats it !!!

Well thats it ! No more fart assing around...not attending a meeting is just a lame excuse to eat a bit extra. i didnt go to the meeting...i woke up late...feeling like a sloth...and then thought well ill go to the gym..but i fart assed around so much i didnt make that either. Its 12.15 now...and im just cooking a chicken fillet which ill have in a hamburger roll with low fat cheese and tomato for lunch and then with water bottle in hand i am walking from my house to sefton park shopping centre, ive never walked it before and im guessing its a 40 minute the time i get up there i will then go look for a damn handbag then off to the hairdressers. And heres the deal...i do the walk...i can shout myself out to dinner at fellinis and to see a movie...if i dont...its stay at home and do house work. i cannot even believe i was starting to get into the mindset of throwing this all away. By lunch i will have eat 11.5 points,,,,leaving me with a possible 15.5 a nice dinner at fellinis is completely do able and still have points left over.

Claudia - thank you for the nice comments you left on one of my posts a couple of posts ago and tania...yes yes gotta catch up again soon. I will email you tonite or tomorrow. And thanks to tania and my sister for sending me messages after yesterdays post...but never fear today is a new day !!! LOL okies the chicken fillet should be i go...hugsssss all !!

Friday, February 09, 2007

well im not doing so great with my journey right at the moment, i havent been really bad or anything but have been eating more carbs then i should have. And when i got thinking about it i remembered back a few years ago when i lost 25-30 kilos...and then stalled after 6 months...and what do u know? im at 6 exactly 6 months yesterday and my loss is sitting at 20.1 i feel like this could be a real telling time for me...i think also not having gone to a meeting this week has really done me damage .... makes me realise how important those meetings are. So tonite after work i will go and grocery shop...i think part of the problem is i had run out of fresh fruit and so had no bananas or mandarisn which i normally eat for my snacks. And tomorrow morning i am going out to norwood for a meeting and weigh in...on the way back ill stop off in town and buy a new handbag which i desperately need and then come home before going off to the hairdressers in the afternoon. Which is gonna mean i wont make the gym...but i really feel this meeting is important. Tomorrow i will go for a 30 minute walk too tho at some point. Anyway i felt it was really important to get this all down in words.

Popped over to tanias journal good seeing you so motivated !!! Was great to read and i think that can really rub off on to me.

Okies off i go work is busy busy busy !!!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

well of to curves i went today. Was rather good...i went at like 9.30am so was pretty quiet when i started was only me there and by the end only 2 other ladies. I really enjoy it tho its hard and tiring. I really push myself tho altho the last 10 minutes i find my muscles feel really tired. Tomorrow i work 10.30am-6.30pm so i wont make it there but i will try and go for a walk tomorrow nite. Then i have the weekend off...YAY !!!

Saturday is kinda busy...go to the gym, do the grocery shopping. I need to buy a new handbag as mine broke, theres this gorgeous shop near where i live that sells handbags but they are like $90 each but they have 25% off so i mite go there and see if there is one i really like. Sunday will be cleaning and relaxing. Dymocks just emailed me that a book i ordered is in so mite be a bit of reading time. Then next week i work 9.30-5.30 most days.

I am loving biggest loser altho i didnt see it the last few days cos of work. i thought sarah was in denial all along...and a big ole baby...i mean crying cos someone else is having a hard workout??? lawdie...i could understand if it was her having the hard workout LOL i like damien tho and hope he goes far....he has so much he could gain from this.

Okies break is nearly over...time to get back on the phones !

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

lawd been a while since ive updated.

Actually been sick this week...i hadnt had TOM for like 3 months and well it came back and boi did it come back. Ive had the worse stomach & back aches since monday but today seems a lot better and i am back at work.

Have actually come to a conclusion...and that is im removing chat programs from my computer. I have slowly become more and more bored in them...till i realised today i sit in them but i dont pay attention half the time...instead im in my browser reading the news website or ww forum, and they are really counter productive to my weight loss. My free time should not revolve around a computer. Thats not to say i wont ever go back but at the moment i feel like i need a break. And i will see how things go i may even cancel my dsl there is really no point to it when work gives me 100 free hours per month on dial up if im not gonna be online much.

I went to curves on saturday and really enjoyed it...and tomorrow ill go back and again saturday. I didnt weigh this week cos of my gawd damn awful roster...but im not too concerned as im really motivated at the moment and expect the first few weeks at curves to gain muscle. But i will weigh in again next wednesday.

This weekend i am having the foils done again in my hair and a trim yay yay and saturday night i mite go to the movies to see the new drew barrymore movie...okies we are busy busy at work so gotta dash =]

Friday, February 02, 2007

Well things been happening again LOL I applied for a new job in the company I work for yesterday. After i finish work today i am going up to the departtment its in, to meet the manager and to look around and to listen to some calls =] Then after that i am off to curves to do a session. This weekend im not doing a lot...saturday morning i will go to curves and its nice to have a bit of free time to clean and do washing and saturday nite i mite watch a movie -ooops gotta move puters bbl