Wednesday, February 07, 2007

lawd been a while since ive updated.

Actually been sick this week...i hadnt had TOM for like 3 months and well it came back and boi did it come back. Ive had the worse stomach & back aches since monday but today seems a lot better and i am back at work.

Have actually come to a conclusion...and that is im removing chat programs from my computer. I have slowly become more and more bored in them...till i realised today i sit in them but i dont pay attention half the time...instead im in my browser reading the news website or ww forum, and they are really counter productive to my weight loss. My free time should not revolve around a computer. Thats not to say i wont ever go back but at the moment i feel like i need a break. And i will see how things go i may even cancel my dsl there is really no point to it when work gives me 100 free hours per month on dial up if im not gonna be online much.

I went to curves on saturday and really enjoyed it...and tomorrow ill go back and again saturday. I didnt weigh this week cos of my gawd damn awful roster...but im not too concerned as im really motivated at the moment and expect the first few weeks at curves to gain muscle. But i will weigh in again next wednesday.

This weekend i am having the foils done again in my hair and a trim yay yay and saturday night i mite go to the movies to see the new drew barrymore movie...okies we are busy busy at work so gotta dash =]

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