Thursday, February 08, 2007

well of to curves i went today. Was rather good...i went at like 9.30am so was pretty quiet when i started was only me there and by the end only 2 other ladies. I really enjoy it tho its hard and tiring. I really push myself tho altho the last 10 minutes i find my muscles feel really tired. Tomorrow i work 10.30am-6.30pm so i wont make it there but i will try and go for a walk tomorrow nite. Then i have the weekend off...YAY !!!

Saturday is kinda busy...go to the gym, do the grocery shopping. I need to buy a new handbag as mine broke, theres this gorgeous shop near where i live that sells handbags but they are like $90 each but they have 25% off so i mite go there and see if there is one i really like. Sunday will be cleaning and relaxing. Dymocks just emailed me that a book i ordered is in so mite be a bit of reading time. Then next week i work 9.30-5.30 most days.

I am loving biggest loser altho i didnt see it the last few days cos of work. i thought sarah was in denial all along...and a big ole baby...i mean crying cos someone else is having a hard workout??? lawdie...i could understand if it was her having the hard workout LOL i like damien tho and hope he goes far....he has so much he could gain from this.

Okies break is nearly over...time to get back on the phones !


mooshsilk said...

Wow Kazz I love your blog and you can definitely see the difference in your photos, you're looking fantastic!! You must be feeling so much better. You're truly an inspiration.

Tania said...

Glad to hear you're treating yourself! You must really be starting to feel "normal" with these new working hours. Hope you're feeling better, we'll have to arrange a day to catch up again soon.