Friday, February 09, 2007

well im not doing so great with my journey right at the moment, i havent been really bad or anything but have been eating more carbs then i should have. And when i got thinking about it i remembered back a few years ago when i lost 25-30 kilos...and then stalled after 6 months...and what do u know? im at 6 exactly 6 months yesterday and my loss is sitting at 20.1 i feel like this could be a real telling time for me...i think also not having gone to a meeting this week has really done me damage .... makes me realise how important those meetings are. So tonite after work i will go and grocery shop...i think part of the problem is i had run out of fresh fruit and so had no bananas or mandarisn which i normally eat for my snacks. And tomorrow morning i am going out to norwood for a meeting and weigh in...on the way back ill stop off in town and buy a new handbag which i desperately need and then come home before going off to the hairdressers in the afternoon. Which is gonna mean i wont make the gym...but i really feel this meeting is important. Tomorrow i will go for a 30 minute walk too tho at some point. Anyway i felt it was really important to get this all down in words.

Popped over to tanias journal good seeing you so motivated !!! Was great to read and i think that can really rub off on to me.

Okies off i go work is busy busy busy !!!

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Tania said...

Well done mate! What a huge achievement recognising those stumbling blocks are. Be damn proud of yourself for your decision to go to a meeting tomorrow, it just goes to show you're determined not to repeat the past efforts of stalling at 6 months. And by the way 20kgs in 6 months is FANTASTIC!!!