Saturday, February 10, 2007

Thats it !!!

Well thats it ! No more fart assing around...not attending a meeting is just a lame excuse to eat a bit extra. i didnt go to the meeting...i woke up late...feeling like a sloth...and then thought well ill go to the gym..but i fart assed around so much i didnt make that either. Its 12.15 now...and im just cooking a chicken fillet which ill have in a hamburger roll with low fat cheese and tomato for lunch and then with water bottle in hand i am walking from my house to sefton park shopping centre, ive never walked it before and im guessing its a 40 minute the time i get up there i will then go look for a damn handbag then off to the hairdressers. And heres the deal...i do the walk...i can shout myself out to dinner at fellinis and to see a movie...if i dont...its stay at home and do house work. i cannot even believe i was starting to get into the mindset of throwing this all away. By lunch i will have eat 11.5 points,,,,leaving me with a possible 15.5 a nice dinner at fellinis is completely do able and still have points left over.

Claudia - thank you for the nice comments you left on one of my posts a couple of posts ago and tania...yes yes gotta catch up again soon. I will email you tonite or tomorrow. And thanks to tania and my sister for sending me messages after yesterdays post...but never fear today is a new day !!! LOL okies the chicken fillet should be i go...hugsssss all !!

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