Saturday, February 10, 2007

Update ! Update !

Wellllllllllll went for my walk !!! and it didnt take me 40 minutes....did it in 20 minutes ! i walked at a real solid pace no dawdling and my feet hurt but i did it LOL...and thats it...i am going to exercise everyday this week. Then i FINALLY bought my new handbag...and went to the hairdressers LOL my hair colour is even lighter now and next time...she is gonna blonde all my hair lol omg ill have the perfect excuse for all the dumb shit i do....but im blonde !! LOL

Anyway came home....and retried on the jeans i bought from katies at xmas that i couldnt get over my ass and wooo hooo they not only fit over my ass... they do up !!! i think this was just the boost i need. im tossing up whether to go to the movies or not...that movie isnt on till the 14th gawd im duh sometimes..but dreamgirls is on...but then i bought this new book i wouldnt mind reading...decisions decisions !

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