Sunday, February 11, 2007

I am soooooo psyched right now. Went out to dinner with my mum & co...had a nice pasta then came home and raced inside for the biggest loser weigh ins (omg i was sooooo happy that courtney had the smallest loss and alex the highest loss on the red time...i hope to god they send courtney home tomorrow nite)Anyway so from8.15pm 8.42pm to be exact LOL i marched and did leg kicks and hip swings. I enjoyed it so much better then walking. The walking hurts the base of my feet. So thats 2 days in a row of exercise and tomorrow nite im off to curves weeeeeeeeeeeeeee maybe this friday i can have a good result. i feel really really good about things. Anyway gonna go eat my ww ice cream and guzzle some more water before going to bed to read for a bit (drank 1.8 litres yesterday !!)

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