Monday, February 12, 2007

yay another good day and i still feel so psyched its amazing. Woke up and treated myself to a hot cross bun, and then in my first break ate a ww cake (has anyone tried these? yum yum) and a mandarin. Tonite I am planning on making tacos yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and am off to curves tonite as well hopefully be home in time for biggest loser. I know everyone is saying its not healthy weight loss but seeing them working out etc really motivates me. Am reading a great new called a million little pieces by james frey. Was a oprah book club book...and had a lot of controversy over whether it was all a true story or not...but ooooo its about a guy who has a alcohol and drug addiction and he wakes up on a plane all injured after days of a drunken and drugged haze and his family meets him and takes him to a rehab only up to page 81 but really really good sofar

I watched a episode of greys anatomy last nite...think i have a new show...LOL okies off i go...and gawd i hope courtney gets kicked off biggest loser tonite !!!!


Went to curves and as i walked in someone yelled out hello karyn...turned out it was this lady i used to work with in the ended up chatting to her a lil while working out. And omg i worked so hard i was really pumping those machines...then i raced home for biggest loser...lawd i didnt realise courtney had immunity...and poor alex going home...but he looks good with how much weight he has lost, and OMG i think i could have a crush on jillian,.....she is so damn spunky !

Okies off i go...lawdie im tired tonite


Tania said...

Damn, I knew I shouldn't have read journals before catching up on The Biggest Loser! Things have been crazy around here and I have the last few days on tape - I just got through Sunday nights episode when I discovered that the red team were going to the elimination room and before watching the next episode I read your journal and discovered the result ... lol ... I have even been listening to CD's in the car to avoid hearing about it on the radio, you'd think I'd know better wouldn't you?

kazz said...

hahahahaha oops !!! sorry !!! man i do have a big mouth eh??? LOL