Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Well last night didnt quite go to plan. I was home 5 minutes when the phone rang and mum was having problems with her nortons and as she has crappy nortons 2007 which im not familiar with i had to go around and in the end i had to uninstall it and reinstall it...and finally by this morning everything was done. But of course i was starving...and ended up having dinner over there which was far from points friendly...was sausages, chips, a egg, and these pastries filled with spinich and ricotta - eek. Well whats done is done...nothing i can do about it. Tonite i finish at 5.30pm and then off to the gym...mum invited me over for a bbq after which is chicken roll and salad...but i may not go...see how tired i am after the gym.

Everything else is going good...i noticed under my arms thru to my back so i KNOW i did work hard on monday like i mentioned the other day and i plan on working those machines hard again tonite. Then if i dont go to mums...a nice bowl of pasta.

Tania i forgot to mention in my email for belysimi's website address or however u spell her username LOL...if you see this can you send please :)

That book ive been reading has turned out very interesting,,,,he is going thru rehab for drug and alcohol abuse...and what does he fill the void of the addiction with? yep u guessed it --- food. While its not a book on weight loss really quite interesting to see that.

Okies just about lunchtime so off i go !

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