Wednesday, February 14, 2007

omg another post who woulda thought it LOL im actually really pooped...i know ill sleep like a baby tonight but my posts are usually so rushed at work so thought id do one from home tonite.

I went to the gym...was nearly tempted not to go as i got off a call late from work and had to dash out to make the bus and omg this is the lamest excuse ever....but i was busting for the grrls room...yup u heard it right i was doing the PP dance LOL as i had a bbq to go to after the gym i was so tempted to go home...GO TO THE LOO and shower and change and go to the bbq...but i thought no im sure theres a toilet there...and yes of course there was LOL so then i did my workout and man i was pumping those twiddling my thumbs and my upper body and arms ache LOL by the time i finished and got changed i was feeling it and i was sweating. And in the middle of the circuit they have this table theres always signs and stuff on it well today as it was valentines day they had a selection of beaded bracelets, some were pink, some were blue and we got to keep one, anyway i grabbed this multiculour one...rather cute...see pic below lol

Then i went to mums for dinner...i went over my points by 3.5 points...but had earnt 8 points in exercise which i could use 4 of so i still have .5 left. So I ate turkey with baked potato and light sour cream and pasta and egg salad and 3 nuggets LOL

Was a nice dinner but by that point i was tired and just wanting to go home. On the ww site there are 3 of us very close in weight...we are having a lil competition to our next goal...BUT i may be in trouble depends on fridays weigh in...i really really hope it goes well...ill be disappointed if with all this exercise i dont lose a lil bit at least

Okies my bed is really calling me...hugssss ni ni all =]

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