Thursday, February 22, 2007

Well dammit to hell i had a nitemare !!! Good lawd !!! I dreamed i was back up at 154.5 when i weighed in LOL...a gain of 4.1 kilos LOL now im pretty damn positive i wont have that gain...i hope its not a indication im not gonna lose tho =[

I finished that book...a million little pieces...sooooo good...but he kinda wrapped the ending up to fast i thought. But he has another book out my friend leonard which is about one of his friends he met in rehab, so mite try and get that. Ive been enjoying going to bed and reading for half an hour or so before sleep...altho the other nite...went to bed at 12.30am,,,,read for it thing looked at the clock and was nearly 2am LOL goddamnit !!!!

So tomorrow is the big weigh in day i so hopeeeeeeeeeee i get a good result. i see in the target catalogue they got a fitness ball with arm weight thingies...biggest loser brand so i mite go check that out.

Am eating my slightly burnt home made pizza LOL...tonite im gonna get the ingreditents to make low point scones mmmmmmmmm

Okies off i go enjoy ya day....everyone keep ya fingers n toes crossed for tomorrow !


mooshsilk said...

Good luck for weigh in today Kazz! What time do you go? Let me know!

I must get that book as it does look facsinating!

Take care,
Claudia xo

airlie said...

good luck kazz! u deserve this one!

Tania said...

I heard that dreams actually mean the OPPOSITE ... so a 4.1kg loss coming your way :-) Fingers crossed!