Friday, February 23, 2007

Well...funny how nitemares can kinda become true. Ive actually been dreading writing this post. I went to weigh in this morning in all honesty i didnt think there would be a doubt id be under 150 kilos and with the work id put in i expected over a kilo to be honest. So i was very disappointed and pissed off when i saw a loss of only 200 grams (yanno the story of the tortoise and the hare...i certainly seem to be the tortoise...and when i get to that hare im gonna strangle his neck LOL) So i left the meeting and was jacked kept thinking all that work for a measly 200 grams (and tania was thinking i know exactly how tania felt that other week - maybe you should forward back to me the email i sent you at the time LOL) Anyway i had been planning to go to target and check out their gym equipment and then do the grocery shopping...but after the meeting initially i was thinking stuff going home to get out of this heat...but after arguing with myself and KNOWING i need to go get the groceries or id stuff this week off i went off and did that. I went to target and they had a biggest loser stepper which i had watched laura use the nite before thinking i need one of i got it...and then headed off to do the grocery shopping...the whole time mulling over the past week in my head. I then looked at my book...jan 29...the day i signed up to curves i lost 1.6 kilos...i then missed a week cos of my work schedule...the following week i lost 500 grams and then this week...200 if you look at it since joining curves my losses have dropped to a average of 200-250 grams. I then got thinking to a friend of mine emmy...who when she started curves she actually had sizeable gains...i know im building muscle...even this week when i havent been but ive been doing my reps with the tomato soup cans...i can feel my upper arms. Theyre not sore but i can "feel" them a ache...or theyre heavy....i guess the real telling story will be when i get measured...altho yanno i dont feel like ive lost much in inches but i havent measured myself so i dont truly know. But i decided that this is just a test...and im gonna gonna track this week and take my points down to 26 points...since they will drop soon as im under 150 gonna go back to curves on monday. and the days i dont do curves im gonna do my lil cardio work out during biggest loser being the only day i wont do exercise is saturday. So while im pissed about the small loss i am gripping very tightly on to the fact its cos of the exercising (i hope this is true and not just some justification in my head) Anyway so we will see how i next weigh in will be next not going to put pressure on me but i am gonna aim for 300 wish me luck !

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