Monday, February 19, 2007

Well its been a interesting 4 or 5 days. I ended up going to the docs friday afternoon for him to tell me i had pinched a nerve in my shoulder and basically i needed to not lift anything and rest it and to not go to the gym for a week or so. Initially i was very frustrated after just getting into the exercise routine. Saturday and Sunday i did rest it. Sunday night I decided it was time to exercise a lil so while biggest loser was on for 30 minutes i did front kicks...omg my upper legs killed and my heart rate was up and i was tired but i sure as hell lasted for 3o minutes. Today i did the same thing but i also did some resistance stuff for my arm. i havent been using my left arm as much (it feels like a dead arm) so i did 50 reps with 2 x 500 grams of soup. Whilst i dont think i could do a full curves session at the moment i thought it was important to start to get strength up in my arm. I also last nite had the worst cravings for instead of letting it building up n then having thick pizza with chocolate brownies and garlic bread etc...i ordered a thin style and pepsi max and then of course did my exercises after. Which i think was a really good way to deal with things. And even though i had the pizza i still feel like i can have a good loss this week. So with luck i will be under 150 kilos. weeeeeeeeeee which would be great and would also put me at a loss of 21 kilos or we will see how it goes. But its funny now how its getting more in my mind about being healthy then just numbers on the scales. The fact i can do 30 minutes of exercise feels a real accomplishment in itself. I am even starting to think about what exercises in the future i wanna do. My exercise goal is when im under 100 kilos i wanna do dance classes again (just once or twice a week...modern dance or something) id also like to take some tennis lessons or play netball. Will depend by the time i get there and what i can work in with work hours.

BTW Airlie so good to find ur site again and ty so much about my 20 kilos loss =]

Okies off i go...oh and omg so sad jillian isnt on biggest loser still...lil spunkee thing she is and woooo hoooo kelly got eliminated !!!

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