Monday, February 26, 2007

Have you ever had one of those days where you shouldnt have gotten out of bed? Boy oh boy ive had one of them today.

Went to curves this morning (this was the only part of my day thats really been good lol) Spoke to one of the girls there...i said how my losses had reduced dramatically. She told me some people in the first month actually put on weight...and i have lost so to stop stressing...she said i am prolly builing muscle mass...but she wants me to wait to my measuring on wednesday then discuss it more. I also got on the scales there. Now last time i weighed there was january 28, i wore jeans and my normal boots (the boots dont weigh a lot) i weight around 148.3 on their scales. On the same day at ww i weighed 150.9. Today i was wearing my sneakers and work out gear and my weight was 145.4 which does indicate a bit of a loss to me. But we will see how i got when i get my measurements done and weigh in on friday...i do feel better tho.

Then i went home for a ready for work...walked out the door...realised id left something went back in and closed the door and looked at my hands...and realised my keys werent in it...i swore i look at the door and the keys werent in the door either and after checking my handbag came to the conclusion id locked the keys in my house. gawd i went into total stress mode...i am the biggest stresser...had to go to the shops to call a locksmith (well to call mum who called one) ...called work...went to mums...then home waited out the front for 10 minutes or so and then thought ill check the front door...well for goodness sakes there were the damn keys !!! So ran inside...called the locksmith and cancelled them...felt like a complete fool...and then finally got on with my day !


mooshsilk said...

That's exactly like something I would do!!! LOL

Well done on going so well at curves and let me know how you get on on Wednesday. I weigh much more on WW scales than I do on my own! I like mine better!! LOL

Luv Claudia xo

Tania said...

Were those blonde streaks I saw in your hair? :-)

Dylan said...

ha ha Kazz my mum does that all the time. She will look for something for ages that is in her hand!! But i can't talk the other week after a few to many bevvies i left the keys in the front door over night ooops.
When i started at my gym i put on a bit of weight my weigher said it's something to do with your salt? levels and it will settle but the gym girl is right about the measurements my PT loves to do measurements and i think i lost about 5cm everywhere in a month.