Friday, April 25, 2014

Box Jumps and other stuff!

So I went to the gym last night and it was kinda a big night! :)

As I mentioned in my other post yesterday I was not going to say "I dont like this" so the session starts and my trainer LOL. She sets it up so its on the lowest step it can be on and I swear to gawd it took me like 10 minutes of talking myself into it to be able to do one baby box jump lol.

Then she says to me after i had done about 6...keep doing them but jump as high as you can. So I do. So she raises the step one level. I swear it took me another 5 minutes to convince myself to do it again but at the higher level LOL. But I did do it in the end. My trainer was like...that gave me tingles up my spine haha.

So then she is like...10 box jumps then 10 burpees (against the step) then 6 walking planks..survived that! lol Then she is like...we are going to run on the treadmill UGH...the one blessing was she said I could hold on when running but not when walking. So I ended up doing some 30 second sprints at speeds between7 and 8.5 which is HUGE for me (I know its not fast for others but is for me) and some of the running she had me doing at a incline of 5 as well...thought it was going to kill me. I was a lil concerned about flying off the end of the treadmill but especially when she had me on the incline i was more concerned with my I survived that lol. Then we did some sideplanks.

I did manage to get to the 20 minute mark of the session before i said "i dont like this" hah ;)

In the beginning my trainer said we are doing everything you really dont like...that she wants to conquer my fears so our sessions can run smoother. Then after she was like did you like that session? I was like actually yeh....i prefer doing circuit style then cardio equipment. She was surprised! lol She said she thought I would walk out and cancel my membership LOL

But I feel good...I feel like last nights session was accomplishing :)

I did weigh in....same weight as 2 weeks ago....oh well...hopefully a better loss next week!

Happy anzac day all :)

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