Wednesday, April 30, 2014

omg ANOTHER good day! These are becoming a habit - loving it!! lol Yesterday I burnt 1154 calories I cannot remember the last time I have burnt that much. I went to the gym...did 20 minutes on the xtrainer...then a 45 minute RPM class...then a 30 minute PT session of boxing and then at the very end of the session she had me do two 45 second running intervals on the treadmill. After the runs my trainer says about me doing the city to bay and beating my time i did when i previously did it...i was like....when did i say i was doing that??? lol she was like you told me you were going apparantly i may be running it this year (its a 12km run). There is a running group at the tempted to join....i know the instructor so thats all good....but im not a good group person (as im shy initially) and im soooooooooooooo seriously a that puts me off. So we will have a think about it. I know they are training for the mothers day classic at the moment so no point joining sure they will advertise it a bit more prior to them commencing training for the city to bay.

Food wise things are going really good. Restricting myself to a maximum of 2 slices of bread per day (I still have weetbix for breakfast) but restricting the bread really seems to keep my carb cravings in check, I really am not having the cravings at all. So for the first time in a long time I think I will make progress as long as I keep things up.

My PT sessions have now changed to later in the evening on both tuesday and thursday nights (6.30pm for both) which works better....also means on those nites when time allows it (when i finish work 4pm or earlier) I can do a RPM class before PT. So tomorrow night Ill do RPM and then PT and friday Ill do some cardio (thinking some stair climbing and xtrainer) followed by PT. As i am working till 5pm all next week,,,next weeks workouts wont be as much as this week (i just need to make the most of my time the weeks i can be there earlier) will look like this:

monday : 30 minutes boxing + 60 mins body balance (I may not be able to make the boxing but ill try and get there on time)
tuesday : 20 minutes cardio + PT
wednesday :
thursday : 20 mins cardio + PT
friday : PT
saturday : Body pump

Then the week after i finish work at 3.30pm so i will be able to make crap loads of classes so i guess it will all balance out lol in the end

Okies of I go - enjoy all!

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Jackie Birch said...

Sounds like Kazz is back :)