Monday, April 28, 2014

More weight work or not....

Things are going pretty good at the moment :)

Food is good. Ive taken a few days of this week which is enabling me to have some extra gym time :) Today I did pump and balance. Tomorrow I am doing RPM and PT session of cardio, and wednesday body pump at lunchtime then will be back to the gym for RPM in the evening. My main concern at the moment is if i am doing enough weight work. While this week I am doing pump quite a few a general rule I only manage to do pump once a week at the most (the times just dont work well with work and my PT sessions), then I do one weight session with my trainer and one stability/strength session (its really more stability work then strength) so I am a lil I really doing everything I could be doing for success...

I ordered some quest bars friday morning (they come from the US) and they arrived this morning! They are at work waiting for me :) How quick service is that????

Not much else is going on...things are going good...altho I suspect my nutrition still needs slightly more fine tuning....but thats something I am still pondering on :)

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