Saturday, April 05, 2014


Well a lot has been happening :) I recently deleted did a mass clean out of my facebook page...not because I wasnt happy with anyone or anything but with so many followers and at times opinions on what I should or shouldnt do with my weight loss i was putting some unrealistic pressures on myself. After having a mini break down and telling my trainer I wouldnt be training for a week I went in and had a chat to her. By the end of the conversation we had agreed I wouldnt do anything weight loss related for a no tracking of my facebook. It was a very enlightening week! I discussed it regularly with my trainer over that week which I think made me more aware of what these changes had done for me :) I came to the conclusion that facebook doesnt enhance my doesnt add to it. So i decided I would delete everyone I didnt know personally, which I did this week. I am back on fb now....but certainly not as often as I was before :) I did track my food for the one was a lil hard not to do....but I did avoid weighing in for 11 days...which was a bit huge for me....and I think that had some positives...and I am only planning to weigh weekly from now on.

My brain/mind feels a lot calmer. I dont feel so manic about my weight loss. Since I had that chat with my trainer....I have been doing much better...very much on track (I am eating 1300 calories 5 days a week and 1800 calories 2 days a week) which I feel is working well.

With that said....I also decided to increase to 3 PT sessions a week...which is the same as I use to do with Fiona when things were going so well :) So now I do PT tuesday, thursday and friday nights. Tuesday nights we do weights, thursday nights we do cardio (boxing, circuit style stuff) and friday we do a mix of stability strength work. My PT sessions are going good....and especially the stability work I am getting more confident with.

I really need to work more on my confidence in attending classes. I am attending them altho not consistently cos i get so anxious about them but I am working on that.

I am SLOWLY making strides with the treadmill...after falling off it and falling flat on my face I have dreaded using it again....but my trainer keeps throwing me on it lol....tells me I cannot fear a machine. Last night I did manage to walk on it at a speed of 5 and 5.5 for a few minutes....didnt fall....she seems to think I will be running again on it at some point...cannot say I am so keen on that! LOL

My current weight is 99.9 kilos....I am honestly a lot more settled now....its not a race....I am not going to suddenly wake up a size we will take this slowly and patiently :)

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