Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday October 23

yay blogger is back and finally working!

Well my goodness i have a VERY busy couple of days off. Lets see..went for the blood test yesterday morning...then dashed home for breakfast before heading off to the gym...did 20 minutes of the fat burner program on the treadmill and then 30 minutes of boxing. I left it at that yesterday as I had been for the blood test and i am usually a bit woozy after them. I then headed out for some lunch and then headed to "my budget". I suck at saving...i spend every damn cent i have LOL so i went there...told them i wanna save for a holiday...and tada i now have a budget ! I should have $5500 saved by March the holiday to the US will be shortly after that...Im starting to think June as thats when Gay Pride is in New Mexico. I then came home and relaxed. Today i got to sleep in YAY I then went into the gym...i did 25 minutes of the fat burner again and then did weights and then me and fiona had a bit of a chat...i was explaining that i feel 15 months into the gym i think i should be doing more...and that after 3 years i feel i should have better results...anyway so fionas first concern is i stay motivated enuff to continually come in but she wants me to be more "knackered" when i leave...her recommendation was to start walking 2 minutes followed by running for 1 minutes on a incline. So i then got on the treadmill for another 25 minutes...i was at a 4.5k speed and a incline of 2% (which she later said was real good for the first time) and i did it...and yes completely i walked out fiona saw me and was like...i like that red face...she then asked me what i did ... and she seemed impressed...we are going to watch it carefully to ensure the running doesnt give me any pain...but funnily enuff...i dont feel any pain at all when running...just bloody puffed ! LOL

I then went to weigh in and lost 1.2 kilos ! YAY so glad. Lia my leader wants me to start being quite thorough with my tracking of exercise points in case i plateau down the track as it could be related to exercise (i earnt 7 bloody points today lol)

Okies time to go tomorrow....enjoy ur friday nite all

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266 said...

Awesome loss!!!