Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday October 24

So i am working this weekend which explains why I am home on a saturday nite. But i am debating...our work xmas show is coming up...i have worked there for 8.5 years and never been...Jaimee wants me to go this year...the only dilema...its themed *rolls eyes* so what is the theme? "Disco Studio 54" so being a plus size girl...seriously people what on earth could i wear? Does anyone have any type of ideas? I was trying to think of maybe a tv character or something...but something that it wouldnt be ridicuously hard to put a costume together for...otherwise...i skip the xmas show altogether...or simply buy a dress (i did see one at myers yesterday) and dress up as "kazz" for something novel. If i go...i am staying in town as getting a taxi that nite would be a i could simply buy a dress...but...i think most will be dressing up altho it seems a hard theme to dress up for ! The dress i saw at myers was a peach/light orange colour with a gathered waist which as i got smaller i could add a belt was really nice and on special for $89.95 so its a thought.

Didnt exercise today,,,,i have only one day off in 9 decided ill rest tonite and tomorrow nite...and then back into the gym during the week...i am very excited tho to do the interval training again Monday...cant wait till i get my ipod and cant start the C25k program...never know by the time i go to streaky i mite be able to say to my sister "heading out for a run back in 30 minutes" hehe ok no thats not gonna happen that would be just absurb !

But yes...i will be going over to streaky relatively soonish. I have 3 weeks off starting december 30 (my birthday) so i dont wanna really land in streaky on my bday but think i will the next day and spend 7 or so days there....then head back and throw myself into a couple of weeks of the gym and relaxation before heading back to work. Then my holidays over the next 18 months are pretty september to streaky for Danielles dance concert and then wooo hooo June 2011 ... of to the US and to new mexico for pride...wo0ot how much fun !

Okies off i go...enjoy all!

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Anonymous said...

I liked the whole Madonna style look, which didn't include JUST the skin tight bustiers, but mixed up with the flashdance like cut up sweatshirt over a tank top and leggings with leg warmers.

and before you ask... yes, I really did dress like that back then.