Thursday, October 08, 2009

Thursday October 8

Well last night i wrote out a long post then someone clicked delete and lost the whole post LOL

Lets see...whats been going on...hmmm...well my eating has been crap :( really really bad indeeed! Today is the first time where i havent filled my gob with crappy food. This whole eating plan thing has confused the crap out of me part of me thinks go back to ww and the other part thinks stop being a quitter and stick to the gyms plan. I think tho what I am going to do is actually keep tuesdays appointment with my dietician...and tell her i dont wanna weigh again before November 1. I am gonna really up the exercise and jsut eat as i have been. I think this week ive prolly gained like 3 kilos or so. And then come November 1 see what the scales say (with the aim being to be under 131 kilos). Whilst the scales are important i dont think i wanna weigh every week on them...i wanna weigh once a month even if only for a few months on the same day i get measured. And stop letting the scales do my head in.

Went to the gym at the NEW premises last nite...all i can say is WOW i am in love with the new treadmills. They have colour screens which show u all the stats and u can watch tv on the lil screens...they also have lil fans on them which will be great for summer and they move so smoothly it seemed rather easy on them last nite. But the place is so nice and spacious I really love it. So last nite i did weights and i have very tired upper arms today :( tonite im planning to do 45 minutes on the treadmill followed by a boxing session. So getting back into it properly.

Saturday nite I am off out to dinner at the hackney hotel with friends i went to school with...already sussed out the menu...gonna have bruschetta and a beef salad yum yum and ONLY diet i was a lil bad last weekend with the champagne lol

Felicity deleted me from Facebook suspect leigh musta said something to her that i keep her loss...for the best i think...that said...i think for the best is no contact with either...i think they are both to drama filled.

Nothing else going on that I can think off except YAY its friday tomorrow !

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