Friday, October 09, 2009

On the way to the gym last nite i stopped at mcdonalds - oops ! When i went to the gym feeling heavy as...i told fiona i had maccas...and then she said...ok i am gonna make you exercise till u throw up lol...anyway we were then talking about the chemicals etc in those type of foods and how they make u addicted cos i was telling her i was having some issues stopping eating all this crap food. After leaving the gym i came to some i am gonna keep my appointment with ww tonite and rejoin BUT i am also going to keep seeing the dietician...a couple of keeping the dieticians appointments its another day i HAVE to attend the gym, it will also keep their plan in my mind about eating mostly unprocessed foods, also they do measurements once a month. WW on the other hand i like the point system like i can work it into my main focus will be ww but ill take the advantage of the dietican too. And after talking to fiona i think i just need to break this bad have decided this weekend no going out...gonna tell my friends i am sick hehe and jsut "detoxise" from all the crap food. I know i can working eating out etc into the ww plan but i need to get rid of the cravings first. And to be honest i am looking forward to a weekend at home...tomorrow morning i have the gym but apart from that lots of relaxing, reading, foxtel watching and DECLUTTERING.

Before the gym last nite and after maccas lol i went into borders (bookstore) and saw this book which was part of the "millenium trilogy" and written by this swedish guy who died before they were published anyway they have sold like 13 million copies of this came home checked out the first book in the series...looks rather mite have to go purchase it.

Anyway off i go,...enjoy

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