Saturday, October 10, 2009


^^^^ That is the one word to describe me today! Last nite i went to my appointment at the ww lifestyle centre...saw a lovely girl named Leah...she was so good. We talked quite a bit...altho she discovered i have been at this awhile and kept off most off my weight she didnt talk to me as if i knew everything yet she didnt go thru unnecessary basics. So after chatting i decided i will do fast start for this week...after that 2.5 kilos gain...i think a good solid loss would get my confidence back. I then told her how I am a very fussy eater...SO she suggested a plan. She told me to do some planning (thats not exactly new ive just never done it before) and anyway...set my meals so 5 points for breakfast, 6 points for lunch, 7 points for dinner, a 2 point snack in the morning a 2 point snack in the evening and after dinner a 0 point snack (so prolly diet cordial or a jelly) The reason she said this is cos i do eat carbs like they are going out of fashion and 0 point snacks are carbs free. She then plan 2 different breakfasts for 5 points, 3 different lunches for 6 points and 4 different dinners for 7 points. I have sat down and done this morning. She believes keeping it simple is the key, she said i dont have to keep to just those 4 dinners or whatever but if i introduce a new one remove one she explained not only will this save me money...i know my meals "i picked" are all 7 points...theres no drama with my point counting. And this way i know i will be spot on my points everyday. Of course i still will track (and she wants me bringing in my tracker next week lol) SO i have all the meals organised and now i will buy ONLY what i need YAY this feels good...i did kinda get stuck on the 2 point snacks tho...but i posted a thread on the forums so hopefully i get some decent ideas there. I have sat there and read all the books...and i will focus on exercising 5 times this week and drinking all my water. I am so determined to have a good loss next week. Of course the unfortunate thing is Leah was only filling in last nite :( she only works 9-5 so next week i am seeing someone called catherine but the week after i have friday off and made a appointment with Leah for that day at 1.40pm YAY

This morning i am shortly going to go and have my breakfast of scrambled egg on toast and then head off to the gym for a PT session of boxing.

Hope everyone has as fab a saturday as I am planning - enjoy all !


266 said...

I'm so glad you're feeling good about this!

Tania said...

Well done on your meeting last night Kazz - that plan sounds like a great idea, will definitely set you up for a good loss next Friday.