Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday October 11

Well yay TOM arrived (said incredibly sarcasticly lol) Yesterday I was spot on with 21.5 points YAY...2 days down the track (i stuck to my points friday even tho i didnt weigh in till friday nite) and so far my scales have dropped about 1.8 my goal of 3 kilos is quite doable (what i normally lose when i get back on track after eating fatty foods) So yesterday going by my normal points i saved 3.5 points plus i earned 5 exercise points...not a bad damn effort. I have cramps at the moment but hopefully my stomach will settle down by this afternoon and i can get out there for a walk or do my EA active.

I stayed home last nite and i am really glad i did. If i had gone out for dinner i know i woulda had bruschetta and carbonara..and would have blown my points...and i feel so accomplished that i not only stayed under the fast track points...i was under by .5 (which meant altogether i saved 3.5 points from my normal points)

Next weekend should be a good one tho...its my friend Daynes birthday and she is planning for us all to go out to dinner then the crazy horse (strip joint) i have never been to a strip show so should be bloody educational ! LOL Then sunday i *think* some of us ww girls are meeting for should be good.

Not much else going i am relaxing...watching mad about you then some friends,,,enjoy all !

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