Tuesday, October 06, 2009

OK i been a bit quiet lately eh?

Firstly to anyone who reads the 30 + boards i have been asked several times if i was ok after the threads by "lee" and i am perfectly fine :)

This past week i have stuffed around, eaten badly, not exercised. Enuff wasting o f time. I have made a appointment for friday nite at the myer centre...my plan is to do a mix up of myer centre sessions and meeting sessions as they work in with my days. I want to still primarily follow the slimplicity plan but work it in with the points to make sure i am not eating too much

Tonite i am off to the NEW gym...a new place for me to lose myself in ;) lol anyway got PT so will be doing a weights session, what i have decided is to only do a maximum of one weights session with fiona per week the rest of the PT sessions need to be cardio. Time to get serious again and the focus to be back on ME.

I bought Jillians latest book! I got it online...hopefully get it sometime this week its called "master your metabolism" exciting stuff...i also bought 7 items of clothing off oztion - 6 items from one person and the total cost for 6 items with postage was only $33! YAY bonus....they were brands like rockmans, beme, autograph, millers so looking forward to getting them too.

Okies time to do some work enjoy all !

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Miss Liza said...

Glad to hear you're fine after the forum drama. Nice work on the bargains too! *jealous*