Sunday, October 04, 2009

Sunday October 4

Mwuahahahhaha !

Okies lets back track ! 2 weeks ago...i was going from a morning to a evening weigh in...i checked the scales in the morning and had gained around 600 grams on my scales which i put down to fluid retention from being sick i also knew as i was going to weigh in the evening i would prolly gain another i weigh in at the gym...says ive lost 1.1 kilos and 8% body who am i to argue with a loss? I was very dubious off it tho. I then decided to throw my scales out...i weighed in last week after a week of perfect eating, drinking 3 litres of water most days and also did my exercise and in all honest expecting a minimum loss of 1 kilos but expecting i could go as high as 3 kilos...and i gained 2.5 kilos. This made NO sense to me...i knew it wasnt TOM, i knew it wasnt fluid retention, i knew it wasnt from muscle...there was no logical reason for that. Also the body fat jumped up 6% and my dietician said "last weeks weigh in must have been a anomoly" At this point my scales were still in my bin...i was still very confused...and so i commenced to eat...and eat....and eat....then this morning i was watching the US biggest loser episode i just downloaded and one of the guys said "the one thing i have learnt here is to finish" so at 2.20pm in the afternoon i dragged myself out of bed and thought right thats what i need to FINISH! So i went down stairs grabbed the scales out of the bin...wiped them down...and what was the weight? 130.6 kilos! (My kilos are usually only about 300 grams from the gyms scales) so after eating sodium like the world was running out of down on my scales by 1.4 kilos from 10 days ago...hmmmmm...u all thinking what im thinking? Well what i am thinking is i dont trust the gyms scales one iota. SO. I am gonna go to my dietican appointment on tuesday and get weighed and then i am gonna say i dont wanna be weighed again for another 3 weeks. In the meantime i plan to weigh in daily at home as i have done for the last 3 years. I plan to follow the diet plan i was on (cos i worked out once i take into account of my activity i should be on around 1700 calories) and i am just gonna see how i go. Im not gonna change my game play at all. The other thing i am gonna do for the next 3 weeks is i am gonna do 2 classes per week. Doesnt matter which two...but two a week for just a lousy 3 weeks. So what I will try and attend this week is one body pump class and one body balance class...that shouldnt strain me too much.

Ofest on friday afternoon (the work function) was great...they had jessica mauboy perform, tiffani wood from bardot and her band, plus they had a couple of other lil acts. I did discover the best mash and snags at it tho...ate 3 serves ! LOL the last serve i made my friend david go get it for me so they didnt think i was a pig hahhahahah :) Then i left there and went into town and met Jaimee for a few drinks which was nice..just sat back and chatted a bit. Saturday got my eyebrows waxed, did the grocery shopping and bought the cute lil red top in the pics in my previous post - which brings me to something else! How i dress! When i met Jaimee on friday nite she was like...your body shape has changed so much your top half is like a "normal" size...i then came home and looked at the pics on this post which were taken friday afternoon and thought oh she is just being nice thats not the case...then i saw this red top i bought at target...its not the type id normally wear...for one thing its red...another is its tight fitting and then sits at my hips...its not loose or baggy...but its the only top i could see that i even half i picked up a size 20 and went and tried it on - PERFECT fit ! And i looked at my self and was like wow...Jaimee is right...i do look rather small in it...i can see my waist and my shoulders look so normal it aint i have also come to the conclusion that maybe not skin tight but more fitted tops up top suit me better then baggy tshirts. I even emailed fiona a link to my progress pics so she can see...since she does half of the work ! LOL

Anyway then saturday night went out to dinner with Jaimee and Leigh....and all i gotta say is i am convinced Leigh is drama...she turns up...first thing she says to me is come to the wheaty next friday like why? Shes like im getting a group like who? She rattles of some names...and i say is felicity going? Shes like yeh...OMG seriously you want me to go out on a nite and socialise with her? You have GOT to be friggin kidding this morning i texted her and said...sorry wont be going ;) Anyway dinner was nice...i had a scotch fillet...was divine so got me a good dose of iron into me.

So the plan for the rest of the day is a pasta dish from the lil italian cafe down the road from me then a hour long walk after to do some chores around the house.

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