Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday October 19

Well first lesson of the day is if you have to leave for work at 6.10am DO NOT set your alarm for 6.45am lol...thankfully i woke up at 6am by myself and then ran around madly. Early start today which means a early finish YAY...3pm and i am out of here. When i woke this morning i was dying of thirst so i think saturday nites wines and chicken burger have caught up with me so shoving the water down today ! lol

Tonight i have gym (surprise, surprise) - I have PT so weights tonite and then i will do the fat burner on the treadmill again for 30 minutes. The gym just sent out a email saying they have some new "express classes" including a orbit class (fitball exercises) as usual i am pondering doing classes LOL

Not much else going on today...beautiful weather today so will sneak in a couple of 10 minute walks during my breaks too. Okies off i go...enjoy all :)

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