Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday October 18

Well my goodness this has been a fun weekend ! And my brain is telling me this is how weekends should be. okies...back we go....friday nite i weighed in and lost 5.4 kilos! Was it a huge surprise? no LOL my scales were showing around the 5 kilo mark so i was quietly confident of losing at losing 4 kilos. So ta-da ! My scales werent wrong...and i left a happy girl lol (phew no tantrums in the myer centre this week)

Saturday morning i was up at 7am *yawns* and at the gym by 9am. Did a PT session of boxing followed by 30 minutes of the fat burner program on the treadmill..which shows u how much more confident i am slowly getting with the treadmill cos the fat burner program changes the speed/gradients every minute but i survived it quite nicely ! Then I left the gym...spilt water all thru my gym bag ARGH! my new book damaged (thankfully wasnt my Jillian book hehe) and my phone dripping with water and doesnt appear to be working :( Then saturday nite i was in town by 6.30pm meeting the girls for Daynes bday...we went to the sportsmans bar...i had saved 11 points and i had 5 exercise points...i had a chicken burger (no fries) for dinner followed by 2 wines later in the evening. Then we headed over to the crazy horse...which is a strip bar...was a bloody interesting nite hahah but honestly...after a couple of hours of boobage it all starts looking the same ;) My friend Robyn was hilarious a kid at disneyland...i think she entertained me more then the naked girls did ! lol But i had a relatively early nite (this lack of iron makes me sooooo tired) so was home by 11.30pm. Today I went out for lunch with Tania, Dee and Sonya...went to cafe bocca and again i think i did very and tania shared a bruschette, had a raviolli in a tomato based sauce with spinach and sun dried tomatos followed by a hot chocolate. Possibly going out for dinner with mum and her hubby tonite...waiting for a reply to a email...lets see if i get one lol

Anyway its been a great weekend i have loved it and i am one very happy girl...this is what living is all I go...enjoy all !


266 said...

Fantastic loss!!!

Tania said...

LOL ... just realised between you and Sam you lost exactly 10kgs!!! Glad you had such a good weekend, there's plenty more of them in store for you i'm sure. Hope the dinner eventuated tonight and things went well.