Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday october 16

I am feeling very lucky and priviledged today. Lets see...yesterday i logged into my "wishlist points" these are points we earn at work for different awards etc...anyway i had enuff points for a 4GB i ordered a silver one...only problem is it wont be here till december 3 :( But so happy cos it cost me ZILCH...then i went into town after work wanting to buy some summer sandals that work would allow me to wear...seeing as last year i only just squeezed into a size 10 i had no luck buying i walked into the shoe store went to the size 10's saw a nice pair of tan sandals...tried them on ... too large ! woot! So found the size 9.5 ones and they fitted (maybe a lil too big on my right foot but they will do) so was very impressed with that...then went to dymocks to buy the first book in the millenium trilogy i bought it but the good news was i had $16 credit on my dymocks booklovers card so only cost me $8.95!!! I then went to the gym...25 minutes on the treadmill watching that hot seat show and the simpsons hahahha i love having tv on the treadmills (shame the chick next to me had her volume up so loud) Then i did PT...which was weights...let fiona know whats going on about the iron all went good there. Then headed off to the shops...did the grocery shopping...very minimal treats bought (think the only treats were 2 ww choc sundaes, soma snakatas and some ww fruit biscuits) and then headed home...and my JILLIAN MICHAELS book had arrived ! SO EXCITING! Then i got a message from Airlie (who reads my journal) and she is dropping into work today to drop off some clothes for me! YAY! Some more new clothes...tomorrow im off to buy some new very girlie bras yay yay

And tonite of course is weigh in nite...busting to get my expecting a loss of around 3 fingers crossed people i really dont wanna throw a tanty fit in the myer centre LOL

Tuesday me and ryan are taking a road trip ! LOL He has to go get his car repaired out at gawler and leave it there for a hour or so while the work is we are gonna go out to Gawler East...walk the kilometre or so into town for a coffee or drink and then walk the kilometre back lol ive never wandered around Gawler so should be interesting and get a couple of kilometres walk in as well ! Okies off i go...toodles


Tania said...

YAY for the ipod! Would you believe i'm actually considering one now that i've joined a gym? Me of all people, who knows NOTHING about gadgets ... lol

I so hope things go well with your mum on Sunday night, look forward to catching up over lunch on Sunday.

LellyJ said...

Sounds like the universes are aligning for you! Good to hear you had such a happy day.