Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wednesday October 21

YAY my last day doing a 7am two days off then 8am starts (amazing the difference that 1 hour makes)

Last nite me and ryan went out to bloomin Gawler while his car was getting fixed we didnt walk into town as planned as it was a lot furher away...instead we stopped at michels and i bought a scone and a skinny hot chocolate...not the greatest choice but it worked at the time. As we had a hour or so of hanging around at this guys place. Then we headed home..i was very tired last nite. Had a ww meal plus a choc sundae after dinner. Jumped on the scales this morning...i had lost about 300 grams since now adjusted to no loss this week unless i suddenly lose a pile of fluid ! I was thinking at first it was fluid retention and prolly partly is but i think that huge loss has something to do with it im not getting into a tizz about it.

I am trying to decide about todays exercise...there is a oval a few streets from me...kinda hidden so its not very busy...was thinking about maybe walking around it a few times then trying to jog a bit of it too...or going to do a body balance class later tonite. Decisions decisions i kinda cant be bothered going to the gym (lazy ass i am!lol) and i have PT in the will be there 10.30am tomorrow morning anyway...tomorrow i wanna do 30 minutes on the treadmill..PT....then 30 minutes on the treadmill...i cant do a hour straight on the treadmill...but if i break it up like this i am fine.

Okies 3pm NEEDS to hurry up and come ! 10.30am and only 15 minutes no wonder im so bloody hungry in the afternoon ! hate these shifts! lol okies off i go...i have to go attend to facebook...ooops i mean gotta go do some work ! HAHA!

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