Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday October 20

Well i am one sleepy princess this morning ! Started work at 7am and also have a 7am start tomorrow. UGH thursday and friday i am off tho so really looking forward to sleeping in (altho wont be that late as i need to go get the blood test and i have PT)

Last nite at the gym...i did 20 minutes of the fat burner on the treadmill...then did 30 minutes of weights followed by 30 minutes on the treadmill...only issue with this was the last 30 minutes i was watching two and a half men...and i would be laughing at the show and get a bit fiduddled on the treadmill lol But worked out for 1 hour and 23 minutes and burnt 747 calories which is about 5-6 points...so i was rather impressed. In the PT session fiona got me to do this ABSURB exercise...lemme see if i can explain it...you balance against a fitball with just the top of your shoulders and head on it...feet on the ground and legs bent at the knee at a right angle you then lift one leg up and cross it over the other leg...you then lower your hips and then raise them to the bridge position...and repeat aahhahah OMGOODNESS crazy..i was like i cant do that...and she was like...okay before u start hypervntilating just try lol and then she got very excited cos i managed to do it and declared it would be in the next program. Then she was like..anything u wanna do in ur next program...anything ur curious about etc? I was like ummmm no lol she was like you are too scared to open your mouth in case u make it worse for yourself lol - no chit !

Anyway the scales were up this morning grrrr but its prolly fluid retention...whilst i didnt go over points on the weekend i did have a few wines and that chicken burger woulda been high in sodium...hopefully it all settles down before next weigh in....(that said i did have a huge loss and a gain may be just to balance everything out) okies off i go to do some more of this thing called work - enjoy all !

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