Thursday, October 01, 2009

Thursday October 1

Well 24 hours and things change LOL after yesterdays post i did suspend my membership...then told fiona to cancel last nites session...anyway following a few texts back and forwards between me and fiona and my membership is unsuspended and i was at the gym last nite ;) Im still not happy...and i am still concerned about what the bloody scales will show next week. I am gonna change my plan a lil...on the weekend i am gonna make some bircher muesli and see how i like that cos im bored to death with weetbix...and prolly have had fruit toast too often lately. I am also gonna cut my pasta down from 90 grams to 60 grams with my evening meal...everything else i am gonna keep as is...cos i fail to believe i am eating enuff to put on. This morning...i walked into the kitchen at work...and i am wearing this tshirt that says "yes it is all about me" and Dan says..."it might be all about you but theres becoming less and less of you for it to be about" lol I know the centimetres are coming off and with my being pissy about my weight gain this week i did omit that i lost 9 centimetres from my body during september including 2 centimetres of my thighs, i will see how things is tempting to say...lets go back to weighing once a month.

Tomorrow is going to be a awesome day...we work 9am till 12.15pm then we jump in the car and head out to the showgrounds...where there will be free drinks, food, and we just get the afternoon to spend with our work mates (while being paid!) may be a bit of a dangerous day food wise but oh well...if i do have some bad food at least if i have a gain next week i can explain it LOL THEN its the long weekend! YAY Dinner saturday nite with Jaimee and Leigh and sunday i am off to lunch with should be good.

I also bidded on some clothes on all from one girl so only one postage cost ... 3 tops won so far...oen lost...3 left to go lol so i mite have some new clothes in a few gonna go looking for some new jeans tonite too YAY

Okay off i go all...enjoy!


Katie J said...

I gained too this week and it sucks (2 lbs.) Yay for you on the new clothes! That is always nice to have something new to wear. Plus if you are like me things are getting WAY baggy. Have a good day tomorrow and make sure you pack snacks :-)

LellyJ said...

Well Kaz, I'm so relieved for you that you're not quitting the gym. Although it sounds like a huge financial commitment, it does seem from reading your posts that you get so much out of it. I can understand your concern about the gain--but -9cm is fantastic!! Could it be that all the exercise you're doing has meant that you are building more muscle, which of course weighs more than fat?? Maybe in part that would explain things. It's hard not to focus on the scales, I know, but I'm so glad you're moving on and keep up your fantastic effort!

266 said...

I just got around to reading your last couple of posts... I'm really glad you decided to stick it out at the gym. You will get over this hump eventually; you are one determined gal though so I have no doubt that it will happen for you soon!