Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Well i am in a foul mood...weighed in last nite and gained 2.5 kilos...this is insane...i was so good...stuck to my 1700 calories (which has now reduced to 1500 calories and i am all out of sorts now and i HATE counting calories), drank 2-3 litres of water EVERY DAY, makes no sense that i gained 2.5 kilos. I really feel like putting the gym on hold for a month or so and then seeing how i feel. When we took that gain into account ive lost a whole 1.3 kilos this month WACKADO what a waste...i really do wonder if 130 kilos is where i am meant to be...i have fluctuated between 130 and 133 kilos since not making any headway and it really is draining the hell out of me. I know our bodies are complicated contraptions and we wont always lose...but to gain 2.5 crazyness and pissing me off no end. So i think i will in my next break put the gym on hold for the month of october and then reassess

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Martine said...


I can imagine how annoyed you are especially when there is just so much effort being put into your food and exercise. Maybe a break from routine is what is meant to be, I know you will make the right decision. Martine