Friday, October 30, 2009


For the past 3 months or so i have felt down on myself...and pissy that im not further along in the journey then i am. What fiona said yesterday has been on my mind a lil...anyway after work tonite...i went to the gym...i only had 40 minutes or so before i had to head off to weigh in. So i got on that treadmill..walked for 2 minutes...ran for 1 minute...walked for 2 miute...ran for 1 minute etc most know the treadmills have petrified me i have always worried i would roll my ankle or something...and i always hold on to the handle bars...anyway about 20 minutes into it...i gonna remove my hands next time i run...OMG not leaning over to hold a bar and suddenly i am breathing better and i feel really running...35 minutes later i finally finish...all sweaty...547 caloires burnt...and just amazed...sure i mite be a lil big (ok a lot big lol) but i can run on those treadmills just like everyone else...for the first time ever i felt confident at the gymand that i belonged...i loved was so liberating.

I then headed over to weigh in...and i stayed exactly the same....after 2 weeks of losing 6.6 kilos...i am guessing my body is just settling so i am not concerned. BUT i am going to get under 130 kilos this week...i am FRIGGIN determined....which means i need to lose 1.3 i am gonna bust my ass this is the plan exercise wise:

saturday : 45 minute walk
sunday : 45 minute walk
Monday AM : Minimum 40 minutes of walk/run
Monday PM : 1 hour PT - boxing/weights
Tuesday AM : 30 minutes PT - boxing
Tuesday PM : body pump followed by 20 minutes walk/run
Wednesday PM : body balance followed by 20 minutes walk/run
Thursday : PT boxing or core followed by minimum 30 minutes walk/run
Friday : 40 minutes walk/run

Now its a lot of exercise...but the only real doing quite a bit more running and going twice a day to the gym on my days that said often when u up the exercise the expected big loss doesnt follow thru...but i am so friggin determined...wats done is done...its now time to truly move on and to work towards getting under 120 kilos by xmas.

Moving on...mwuahahahahhaha life is great ;)


Jody said...

you go girl!

Tania said...

Awesome news to stay the same - even over 3 weeks that's a pretty impressive total mate, well done.