Saturday, October 31, 2009

Saturday October 31

My legs hurt today and the more the day is going on the more they are hurting...definitely reminding me how old i am LOL. But im sure in a day or two it will have settled down. This arvo after work will go for a 45 minute walk then gonna make home made hamburger for dinner...yum yum!!!

Just had the funniest thing happen....firstly i am wearign cargo pants today! YAY i bought these like 2 years ago and they finally fit...anyways they have a zipper down the front of them and i am out for a walk with Ryan i look down see the zipper and for a insect i think i have a dragon fly or some sort of insect on me and scream lol ryan is like wtf? im like oh no matter its just my zipper lol

Okies not much else to say...roll on 5pm tomorrow nite when my weekend starts :)


Liv said...

fitting into pants that were too small is the best feeling isn't it?!

Really like your blog Kazz - I'm just starting out (again!) so great to get some inspiration from others.
I know you'll make it into the 130's - we are gunning for you.


Liv said...

sorry I meant the 120's!

Tania said...

Yay for the cargo pants - hope you enjoy your weekend.