Monday, November 02, 2009

Monday November 2

I woke up bright and early at 6am this scales were up 900 grams...and i was pissed but i am realising they were prolly up as i am getting PMT as i have some stomach at least i have a explaination for it. I was really hoping to go to the gym this morning...but 9.15am and still waiting for the mobile phone to be delivered...hope it arrives before i have to head out for lunch. SO far its a relaxing day tho...load of washing some dishes soaking...I am beyond relieved to realise that gain this morning is from PMT this whole getting under 130 kilos really does my head in...i just wanna get under it and move i feel a weight has been lifted.

Hopefully we will go to fasta pasta for lunch today and i can just get a tomato based pasta dish. Tonite for dinner ill just make a omelette after the gym.

Well i went for lunch and of course thats when the phone was delivered ! gawd damn it...they are redelivering it tomorrow. Went to fasta pasta for lunch...had ravioli mona liza...bit of a splurge but thats ok not like i wont be working my ass off at the gym tonite...dinner tonite will be a omlette on grainy bread....yum yum

Okies off i go!

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