Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Tuesday November 3

Yesterday i got up from the sofa and as I did for some reason I hurt my knee. Did go to the gym last nite and did do a hour of boxing. My knee was very sore by the time i got home...and today when i go for long walks i can feel it...its not sore...just doesnt feel right. So today i have rested it and will tomorrow too. The scale is back at what it was last week...sitting spot on 130 kilos...friggin annoying....i have made some decisions, i think this getting under 130 kilos is stressing me out and seriously paying another $21.95 for them to tell me AGAIN i have stayed the same seems ridiculous. So ive decided to not go...and really focus on exercise not the scales and then reweigh myself on december 1. I will periodically weigh myself at home, I think maybe if i dont stress then i may get under the 130 kilos...then come december 1 i will reevaluate things. I am also starting tomorrow going to drop 1 point...will go down to 24 points and see if that helps. I am also gonna change my lunches to some tuna salad and egg salad at lunch time.

Me and Jaimee have also decided next year we are going to do some fun runs...so its not a case of throwing things away...just taking the emphasis of the scales and more about being a wholly healthy person.

I made the homemade sausage rolls from the weight watchers site today...super duper yummy...1.5 points...3 was plenty! so not bad 4.5 points.

Okies...i am off glad i put this all down in writing...have a good nite all!

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