Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Wednesday November 4

I swear i have found the yummiest cereal. It is uncle tobys plus with omega...its the yummies and i am not really a cereal person but that one i love.

Gonna stop at coles tonite and pick up some groceries...gonna get all the salad ingredients to start having egg and cheese salad at lunch time and cut back on the carbs...see if that will kick everything into action. I am resting my knee again today then i am sure it will be fine...its been perfect so far today but ill err on the side of caution.

Tomorrow nite is weights tho and then FINALLY i will try and do 45 minutes of the 2 minutes walking/1 minute running...hopefully i can make it to 45 minutes. I did ask a few ww girls last nite and consensus seems to be if i am earning around 20 exercise points...which i am...i need to be eating approximately half. So I need to work this in on the days i exercise. On those days i think the way ill increase my points is have larger quantities of protein which is good for muscle development etc. Well gawd damn i just crossed my legs and felt my bloomin knee again...not happy! Okies off i go...


Marnet said...

Nice to read your post. You are an inspiration as I don't go to gym. You go girl... ;-)
Yes I agree with the WW girls rather have some extra food to prevent cravings stepping in, when exercising that much.
Good luck on your journey.



Shmeckles said...

I am loving all of the Uncle Tobys Plus cereals! I eat them with an apple thrown in for extra fruit. Yummy, cant wait for breakfast now.

Hope your knee pulls up ok.


Martine said...


Keep me posted on the running/walking. My long term goal is to run. I really think increasing the food intake and especially protein is a good idea considering the large amount of exercise you do. Very much looking forward to seeing you on Saturday. Martine